It's 2008 all over again!
Several things come to mind when you think of your childhood-candy and sweets that taste like happiness, the sometimes cringe-worthy trends of the old, and possibly your favorite TV flick. For some, that's Disney's Camp Rock,
We need a new 'Say OK' video!!!
As we all recover from the news that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler broke up after nine years together, please find solace in the hopes that there's a slight chance she could reunite with her other High School Musical co-
Lee just took the wedding proposal a notch higher!
A man named Lee Loechler proposed to his girlfriend, Stuthi David on December 30, 2019, as he took her to a special screening of her favorite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty.According to a report from Upworthy, Lee spent six months altering a
Ashley Tisdale has said fellow High School Musical star Zac Efron was her worst on-screen kiss-for a totally legit reason.The pair starred in the '00s teen movie franchise along with the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and Corbin Bleu.
Get the popcorn poppin'.
As one decade ends and another begins, we have a lot to look forward to-especially when it comes to movies. Not only are there a bunch of highly anticipated original films coming out, but there are also sequels from everyone'
Prepare to get kilig all over again!
It's been five years since celebrity power couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes tied the knot on December 30, 2014, in an elaborate wedding ceremony held at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao. Marian looked like a Disney princess as she
Heads up, Disney kids turned skincare enthusiasts!
2020 may not be here yet, but we're already loving it!If you watched ~a lot~ of Disney movies and shows as a kid and grew up to love skincare as an adult, then this one's for you:
Think your favorite Disney character made it on the list?
Tattoo inspiration comes from all kinds of places, so it's not surprising that many look to their favourite Disney movies for ink-spo. What is surprising, however, is which Disney movies inspire the most tattoos.A new study has looked
We want them all!
There's no denying that actress and fangirl Arci Muñoz is a HUGE Disney lover. She's visited all the Disney parks in the world and has even dressed up as different Disney princesses for her birthdays!For her
Only until December 3!
There's no need to deny you were hooked on "Let It Go" when Frozen first came out in 2013-this is a safe space, and all singing is welcome. It's been six years since we last saw Elsa,
'I prefer you in all leather.' Anna, wyd?
I'm willing to bet that many a schoolyard this week resembles a real-life subreddit, as children recap and analyze everything they can remember from Frozen 2. But writer-director Jennifer Lee knows that every true Disney hit isn'
This is not a drill!
Lizzie McGuire fans, please take a seat right this second because we bring more exciting news-original character Gordo will be returning for the reboot!David "Gordo" Gordon, who was Lizzie's BFF in the original series and also the 2003
Is Insta stalking Noah Centineo still allowed, btw?
As 2019 (and, uh, the entire decade) comes to a close, there's no better way to disassociate from the state of your own love life than with a romance movie. Luckily, 2019 has not disappointed when it comes to films
This is what hairspo dreams are made of.
Hi, hello! I think I finally realize what Lizzie McGuire meant when she said, "This is what dreams are made of!" Turns out, it's not performing as your pop star doppelgänger during a school trip in Italy. No, my friends,
It's the start of something new!
From the moment I saw the trailer for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, I knew it was definitely going to make paying $6.99/month (P354.89) for Disney+ worth it. At first, the idea of remaking the perfection that
She has finally crossed this one off her bucket list!
Who hasn't dreamt of visiting all Disney parks as a child? A few days ago, Arci Muñoz finally crossed this childhood dream off her bucket list after she visited the Shanghai Disney Resort in China which is last on her
The animated short film is called 'Float.'
Growing up, you probably saw a lot of films and television shows with characters you wanted to be like. While appearance is skin-deep and it's really the story's values that stick with you, it doesn't
Did anyone stop to ask them where they were coming from?
Ah, a good villain. Every great story has one to give the hero a difficult time, and the best antagonists are often remembered for being totally evil, vile, and menacing. While some villains fall under that category, there are also those that
It's pure ~magic~!
ColourPop Cosmetics and Disney made our wishes come true again by dropping their third makeup collab, the Midnight Masquerade Collection! The first one was the Designer Collection (2018) and the second was the Disney Villains Collection (March 2019). The collection's
Idina Menzel's glorious pipes!
We're still getting over the super dark trailer for Frozen 2, and Disney has released yet another surprise to make our day.Disney shared another Frozen 2 teaser trailer on Twitter, but this time, it featured a new song from
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