'Attempting to make your own sunscreen can potentially lead to disastrous results, including severe burns and skin cancer later in life.'
I guess we have Pinterest to thank for this, because ever since the website launched, DIY beauty is all anyone could think of. And while some of the recipes actually work better than the real deal, there are products that should never
Get ready for some golden selfie opportunities.
Oh face masks, let us count the ways we love thee...in sheet form, in splash form, in clay form, and now we're adding in DIY form because TBH sometimes we're too lazy to go to a mall or too
It's so easy to make!
There's something about watermelons that reminds us of blue beaches and the sun on our bronzed skin. And since we're a tropical country, we have an abundance of it that we can consume year-round-for DIY sheet masks, that
Jump on the unicorn trend with this playful DIY accessory!
Unicorns are everywhere nowadays-well, not literally, but they're in cafes, makeup brushes, cakes, nail polishes, eyeshadow palettes, and even toast! And now, you can add headbands to one of the things that has been given the unicorn touch. Here, we
They're pretty affordable too!
These days, you can personalize just about anything-including makeup! Homegrown beauty label Suesh offers a service that lets you put together individual pots of makeup into one palette. Learn more about it right here:VIDEO: Jean SaturninoFollow Patricia on Instagram.Follow
Women share their weirdest beauty secrets.
When it comes to beauty, we've learned never to bat an eyelash at anything. Using sheet masks on our vaginas? Well, why not? Coffee as a kilay tint? We'll try it once! If anything, these tricks allow us to have
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