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The solution to pimples could just be in your kitchen!
Honey has been used for thousands of years as a food sweetener, medicine, and as a skincare product-whether as a cleanser, a moisturizer, or a face mask. While it can work for all skin types, it's best known for
'Attempting to make your own sunscreen can potentially lead to disastrous results, including severe burns and skin cancer later in life.'
I guess we have Pinterest to thank for this, because ever since the website launched, DIY beauty is all anyone could think of. And while some of the recipes actually work better than the real deal, there are products that should never
Get ready for some golden selfie opportunities.
Oh face masks, let us count the ways we love sheet form, in splash form, in clay form, and now we're adding in DIY form because TBH sometimes we're too lazy to go to a mall or too
It's so easy to make!
There's something about watermelons that reminds us of blue beaches and the sun on our bronzed skin. And since we're a tropical country, we have an abundance of it that we can consume year-round-for DIY sheet masks, that
You can use it on your body, too!
Who wants to spend money on expensive lip scrubs when you can totally make your own? Once a week, treat your puckers to this delicious-try not to eat it-scrub to slough away dead skin cells, leading to softer and smoother
A quick and inexpensive way to pamper your skin!
Do you have serums and toners that are close to expiring? Don't throw them away just yet! Instead, use up every drop by making Korean beauty-inspired sheet masks-easily one of our favorite cheap thrills ever. We found 12-pack
Beer! Milk! Vodka!
BeerUse it for: Your hairCatherine Zeta-Jones is famous for using beer to maintain her healthy locks. After shampooing your hair, replace your usual conditioner with beer. Catherine adds a few drops of honey to keep the smell at bay.Another way beauty columnist and makeup artist Bianca Valerio shares her cover-up picks and offers her DIY solution to concealing your flaws and blemishes.
Twitter question from @Chichealejandre: "I've ran out of my fave Touche Eclat concealer! Any recommendations for replacement?"This is such a great question! Concealer is the one thing a girl's beauty arsenal should never be without. YSL's iconic Touche
Natural beauty is all about glowing from within. To achieve that, take care of your skin. Treat yourself to our new crop of skin care loot.
Have you ever noticed how some women-not just artistas, mind-are just so beautiful, even when they barely have any makeup on? They might have a touch of mascara on their lashes, maybe the slightest bit of blush, or a little
The recession is a good time as any to look as great as you can be. Cosmo shows you how.
Having to save and pay your bills at the same time given such a tight budget may initially cramp your beauty routine. But a quick inventory of your supplies at home will give you the essentials for homemade beauty recipes that can