Have you been hitting up Korean BBQ restaurants way too often? In her latest vlog, Jessy Mendiola teaches you how to make your own KBBQ feast at home at a more affordable price. The actress takes you through the process, from shopping
It only cost me less than a thousand pesos.
Planning to go kulot? If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to pricey Korean salon digital perming service and you're a bit daring like me, read on to see how I did it myself.Name: GinynAge: 26Hair Type: Thick, wavy,
The perfect way to display those tassel earrings.
This is for every woman who spends 15 minutes trying to detangle her earrings and necklaces every morning. Instead of keeping your accessories in containers, make your own holder to keep your favorite pieces from getting tangled up and display 'em
You learn something new every day.
When you find yourself desperate to have a matching bag for your evening OOTD (and you don't have the time to shop for one anymore), just ask mom for a placemat. We know it's kind of funny if
Easiest hack ever!
Give those trusty old office shoes an upgrade with this simple hack! VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteVIDEO EDITED BY: Jean SaturninoFollow Happy on Instagram.
You just need ribbons + safety pins!
Everyone's been wearing corsets lately, but here's a hack to make it more comfortable and less constricting: Do it yourself! Quick, grab your comfiest sweater-you're about to give it the cutest upgrade. VIDEO PRODUCED BY:
Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?
At some point in your life, thanks to Disney's The Little Mermaid (or, you know, Dyesebel), you've probably wondered what it's like to live like a mermaid; well, this cool drink will bring you a step
As a belt, vest, or bag!
Here are three other ways to wear your scarf, other than placing it around your neck:VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Nicee Estores VIDEO EDITED BY: Trina Elefante HAIR: Angelu Dominguez MAKEUP: Tin Albano using NARS cosmetics
Tired of using the plain white laces your shoes came with?
Here's how to make a checkerboard weave for your trusty old white kicks. VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Nicee Estores VIDEO EDITED BY: Karishma Etong Follow Happy on Instagram.
Perfect for busty girls!
If you have big boobs and nipple tape doesn't do anything for you, consider converting your sexy backless blouse into a bra top, aka a top with a bra attached. Here's how you can do it:VIDEO PRODUCED
The bright pops of color are perfect for summer!
When it comes to dressing up an outfit, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to pair it with some ~look at me~ footwear. You know what we're talking about-shoes so eye-catching and incredibly lust-worthy, they'
Cop the on-trend look you've seen on social media!
Our DIY Fashion series continues, this time with a wardrobe staple no one's ever without: denim jeans. We're fairly certain you have an old pair lying around, which is why we suggest breathing new life into them by adding some
Update a plain skirt with colorful embellishments!
If you've been eyeing some cute patched denim pieces at your favorite clothing stores but can't justify the price for something obviously time-bound by trends, we have a super inexpensive option you'll love. And by "inexpensive," we mean
Legit doing this on our next vacay!
We K-drama fans have, at one point or another, dreamed of visiting the very spots where our fave shows were filmed. Well, it looks like someone's finally achieved our goal.Just recently, Pinay blogger Ana Gonzales went on a very
Read: For those unplanned mornings after.
Often, the idea of wearing your boyfriend's clothes is a whole lot sexier than the reality, but not this time! These eight dresses are easy to make, figure-flattering, and don't require cutting or sewing. Yay!Check out all of
Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
If, for some reason, you're too busy (or too broke) to go all out on your Christmas decor, here's a tip to keep your home ~*festive*~ this month. People all over the world have been turning their favorite reads into
Your skin will thank you for it!
We love sheet masks so much, we seriously can't imagine a skincare regimen without them. So the moment we came across this nifty hack, we knew our masking game was about to level up big time. It's simple and fuss-
DIY your way to this trendy look.
Distressed jeans are always in style, but they're really having a moment right now, so I gathered a few tips from my earlier years of denim DIYing for this video tutorial. Here are five different techniques you can use to distress
Good enough to eat, really.
This is not a drill: you can now make a lip balm with your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread-in your own kitchen, no less! FREAKING THE EFF OUT.This video from YouTuber Joanna, whose username is Cute Life Hacks (IKR!), shared this
You can use it on your body, too!
Who wants to spend money on expensive lip scrubs when you can totally make your own? Once a week, treat your puckers to this delicious-try not to eat it-scrub to slough away dead skin cells, leading to softer and smoother
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