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Dr. Karan Raj shared the info with his 4.4 million followers.
As we near the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), one doctor has taken to TikTok to highlight the unusual symptoms we should all be looking out for. With one in seven women in the UK being diagnosed with breast cancer
'The island gives you peace enough to bring out the best in you.'
It's difficult to chill and ~find peace~ these days, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Plus, given all the news we see on social media, "to relax" is easier said than done. For Dr. TJ Manalang, a municipal health officer in
'My goal is to represent the hardworking frontliners who have sacrificed so much during the pandemic.'
The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for a while now, and one way or another, we've all experienced our own struggles. But despite the feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, there are people who have been helping us get
She actually has two medical degrees!
A beauty queen from England named Bhasha Mukherjee is returning to her career as a junior doctor to help out amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report by CNN. The original plan was for Bhasha to travel to different countries
It's for 'non-emergency' cases!
The current lockdown has created a number of challenges for Filipinos, and online communities have formed to help alleviate the situation-from the youth sharing tips on grocery shopping and cooking to a Facebook group that lets you buy canceled orders and
You might want to switch to glasses for now.
If you aren't blessed with perfect vision and hate having to wear glasses on a daily basis, you might prefer wearing contact lenses instead of spectacles. But with the alarming prevalence of COVID-19 in the country and all over
Not everything you read is true.
With almost as much unproven coronavirus information flying around as the bug itself, it's easy to get caught up in spiraling fears about how doomed we all are in the midst of this pandemic.But it's more important
It was to make sure her motor skills wouldn't be affected as doctors removed a brain tumor.
In what seems like an episode of Grey's Anatomy, pro violinist Dagmar Turner played her instrument during her brain surgery at King's College Hospital in London. According to CNN, doctors asked her to play the violin while they removed
'There is no excuse. I will do my best to be more responsible next time.'
Yeng Constantino was recently called out for shaming a doctor on social media, following her husband's accident in Siargao. From a diving spot in Sugba Lagoon, he was rushed to Dapa Siargao Hospital. The singer complained about the lack of hospital
For Yeng, the doctor did not show compassion or urgency.
A few days ago, singer Yeng Constantino took to social media to talk about her husband's accident in Siargao. According to her Facebook post, her husband Yan Asuncion jumped from a diving spot in Sugba Lagoon, got into an accident, then
She is a medical genetics resident based in Manhattan.
Christine Umandap, originally from Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, had long set her sights on New York-not just because of the countless opportunities the city offered a young doctor like her, but also because of the rich culture that colored its every
'There is only so much we can do. Poverty contributes to the overall mortality of patients.'
If you aren't in the medical field, chances are, you aren't entirely aware of the real ~struggles~ plenty of medical interns and doctors in the Philippines face. Spoiler: It's way beyond what American TV shows or K-Dramas portray.
Like being too nervous to schedule that appointment!
As a general rule, your gynecologist's office is a #NoJudge zone where you can talk about all the TMI stuff you're too embarrassed to share with your friends or parents. (If you can't, then read the six things your
They're good with anatomy. Wink, wink.
1. You're sick with the flu? Cramps? Literally anything? He's gotchu. By the time he's gotten through med school, residency, fellowship, and whatever the hell else one's got to do to learn how to save people's lives,
When was the last time you had a medical exam?
Since you graduated from high school or college (aka when your mom or the school stopped initiating checkups), you probably haven't been seeing your doctor. Or worse, you don't think you really have one. You pretty much diagnose yourself with