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Ice recently lost his pug, Porky in December.
Sharon Cuneta had the most sincere and sweetest gesture for Ice Seguerra who recently lost his Pug of 13 years, Porky. The Megastar gifted Ice with his own puppy-a Maltese-Poodle mix named Belly. On Instagram, Ice shared a personal note
Give your doggo some love!
Leave it to man's best friend to get us through a global pandemic. Pets have always been the companions that get us through the toughest moments, and it looks like they helped us the most during the pandemic. According to
He also likes quick trips to the market. So precious!
Pets are a great source of joy. Not only are they loyal companions, but they also help ease stress and feelings of loneliness and isolation. It's not always happy times, funny animal videos, and Instagrammable moments, though. Being a pet
It's a mobile dog grooming service for your fur babies!
If you've ever dreamed of starting your own business, then you're definitely not alone. In fact, even your favorite celebs and content creators have thought of doing the same! Take for example, influencers Rei Germar, Hazel Quing, Ry
A more permanent way of remembering your BFF.
Dogs are one of the best pets you can have for a number of reasons: They reduce our stress levels, they help us live longer, and honestly, they're just so damn adorable, it's hard not to want them
Think you can fool your dog? Think again.
There's no fooling our four legged friends-dogs, that is. As a new study shows that dogs, unlike children, will literally ignore people that are lying. Researchers from the University of Vienna trained 260 dogs to look for hidden food
Man's best friend for a reason.
Need more proof that dogs are the best? Well, as it turns out just plain sleeping right next to them may improve your mental health. Yup, just a dog's presence is enough to make things better which is a huge
'I've become more patient.'
Having moved from Manila to Pangasinan in the beginning of the pandemic, it's safe to say a lot has changed in my lifestyle. I'm able to walk to the beach. I'm no longer in a rush
'Nginatngat niya Park Chanyeol candle ko. Ang masasabi ko lang is she has taste.'
Without a doubt, if there's one thing I look forward to every day, it's play time with my two-year-old dog. When I'm not filling my camera roll with random pics of my bb, I
They treat them like their babies!
Has it ever crossed your mind how wonderful it must be to be your ultimate oppa's or fave actress' pet? (Only fangirls and fanboys understand, lol!) I mean, the amount of love they give their fur babies is really
Because we know you love to spoil your fur babies!
Any pet owner knows that the furry friends we invite into our own homes add color and excitement to our daily lives. They encourage us to play and be physical, provide us moral support without ever saying a word, and just keep
You gotta make that post picture paw-fect! ;)
If you're a dog mom like me, I'm sure we can all agree that we can't help but take cute pics of-and with-our beloved fur babies! You may have even gone a lil'
We're not crying, you are!
Do you ever wonder if your dog is *dreaming* as it's sleeping? Although there's really no way of knowing what exactly goes through puppers' minds as they snooze, tons of scientific evidence point to the fact that
Man's best friend for real.
We're pretty much all already in agreement that dogs are amazing. Not only have we confirmed that your dog will always try to save you, but now they're possibly even making you live longer. A new study says
'I love animals very much,' said the hacker.
PAWSsion Project is a dog rescue group based in Bacolod, Philippines. "We rescue, rehab and rehome," reads its page description on Facebook.The page became a target of a ransomware hacker in which an attacker threatens to publish the victim's
Your furry friends will love you even more.
We don't know about you, but it feels like the ~soothing~ powers of cuddling or even just hanging out with our dogs multiplied tenfold since the quarantine began. It seems our puppers are one of the few constants we have
Is it really just because they love you?
Often when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do (after checking your phone) is head to the banyo to pee. And if you live with a dog, you probably open the bathroom door and find a pair of
Protect your fur babies at all costs!
It goes without saying that as a pet owner, you'll do everything to protect your precious dogs. But did you know that it's actually possible for you to love your pets more than other humans?Research published in Society and
Bless her heart.
It's a heartbreaking sight to see all the animals left behind by their owners in the hardest-hit areas in Batangas as Taal Volcano suddenly showed its wrath on January 12.Actress, fashionista, and animal rights advocate, Heart Evangelista recently called