But also: Where is the talking black cat I was promised?!
Every October, I wrap myself up in a large throw blanket, place some freshly popped popcorn and chocolate chip cookies-give me salty and sweet or nothing-within arm's reach, and settle in for a binge-watchathon. OK, so it doesn'
He said it was 'fake news.'
Donald Trump is a curious creature. He's been banging the drum about "fake news" pretty much since he took objection to the first negative news story written about him in the media during his presidential campaign, and he's
US fans actually think it's a clever way to slam Donald Trump.
CBS' Madam Secretary is a US TV series where actress Tea Leoni plays the title role of fictional US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. Last week, the show made headlines because the trailer for the 15th episode of its 3rd season showed
Many were angered by Taylor's refusal to take a stand against Donald Trump.
When you're a celebrity on the level of Taylor Swift, silence really does speak louder than words, as became clear from the controversy around Taylor's refusal to get political in 2016. In the run-up to the presidential election, many
She's an adult woman, not an injured little bird.
Is first lady Melania Trump an ascendant power player, cunningly latching herself to a rich businessman, a professional model now improbably occupying one of the most visible and influential female roles in the world? Or is she a victim of a conniving
#BoycottStarbucks is trending on Twitter.
If you've been living under a rock or have simply been too busy to pay attention to international news, let us catch you up. President Donald Trump has been making sweeping changes in the U.S. and needless to say, there
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