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You’ll absolutely ~lose it~ once you listen to these b-sides!
ICYMI, K-pop idol group Super Junior D&E is celebrating their 10th(!) debut anniversary on December 16, 2021! Industry veterans Donghae and Eunhyuk have released countless songs together throughout the course of their careers. In the weeks leading up to the
Can we get an 'Oppa, Oppa' please?
With a career spanning nearly 17 years and having won countless awards, Super Junior truly deserves their moniker, "Kings of the Hallyu Wave." Thanks to the continued support of their loyal fan club "Ever Lasting Friends," aka E.L.F.s, the
These 'fans' are huge threats to Korean celebrities.
Being a fan is a ~wonderful~ thing. Your faves inspire you, and seeing them happy is enough to make you happy, too. To show our appreciation, we'd attend their concerts and fan meets, buy their official merch, or support them
'[I'm] proud and happy because, for the 15 long years, they chose to stay together.'
Super Junior need next to no introduction to Filipinos because, Hallyu lover or not, they are one of the biggest and first K-pop acts to ever win the hearts of Pinoys. In fact, they were the first K-pop group to
It's definitely a blue world for ELFs.
Falling in love with a K-pop group that has a discography spanning more than 16 years can be intimidating, but believe me when I say that you won't regret becoming an E.L.F. (more on that later!) and
All for the love of their fave artists!
You do not choose the fan life, the fan life chooses you.From spending thousands of pesos to traveling thousands of miles, some Filipinos go to the extremes to express their support and love for their favorite artists. Curious to know how
My wallet is definitely crying.
The moment K-pop boy groups Super Junior and TVXQ announced that they'd be having back-to-back comebacks (October 14 and October 16, respectively), I knew I was fucked-pardon my French. It's been 10 years since
Korea's biggest boy band took the Philippines by storm last Saturday and Cosmo got to sit down with the boys of SuJu for a chat.