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In a recent vlog, the singer opened up about having to leave home to pursue her career.
Social media maven Donnalyn Bartolome shared snippets from her 28th birthday bash on her YouTube channel. She celebrated her birthday salubong with roadside karaoke, street food, and *classic* Filipino games like the pabitin. Several of her celebrity friends were spotted at the
'It was never my intention to enable one of the most horrifying acts here on Earth.'
Following the outrage that sparked online, social media influencer and YouTuber Donnalyn Bartolome has formally issued an apology for her viral baby-themed photoshoot, criticized for "promoting pedophilia". Donna's photos, released for her birthday, show herself clad in sexualized baby
Say hello to Ivana Skin!
You guys, Ivana Alawi is coming out with her very own beauty brand called Ivana Skin! The YouTuber-actress recently gave a sneak peek of her new business venture on her IG account. She posted a *sexy* photo of her in bed
Some of your favorite internet influencers also have acting chops in them.
Many of today's top social media content creators are adored by fans for showing their real and raw personalities online. They're not one to shy away from sharing their daily lives-bloopers and all-whether it be through
'Pay up. Everyone who treats me with disrespect MINAMALAS.'
Donnalyn Bartolome is furious after someone broke her trust.On July 8, Donnalyn revealed that a fellow YouTuber borrowed P1 million from her on June 30 and has not yet returned the amount after promising to pay it back in a day.
Donnalyn's new wheels are an early birthday present for herself.
Donnalyn Bartolome recently unveiled her sweet new wheels on Instagram-a Maserati, which she said is her "dream" car.Donnalyn wrote, "About a year ago, I wanted to buy a @maserati but it wasn't the right time... It finally happened.
'I feel like people have forgotten what happened to us just months ago with Typhoon Ulysses. I didn't. I will not.'
It's been a few months since Typhoon Ulysses devastated the Philippines and parts of the country are still recovering from that disaster. When the typhoon hit in November 2020, Donnalyn Bartolome went to towns in Rizal and Marikina City to
She got CLAWS, you guys.
Make way, make way, make way, make: In a new vlog, singer, content creator, and social media goddess just got her nails done by the Queen of Bling! Donnalyn Bartolome flew to New York and got an appointment with Cardi B'
The vlogger personally delivered them!
On Thursday, November 12, YouTube vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome went to towns in Rizal and Marikina City to help with rescue operations amid Typhoon Ulysses. Donnalyn, along with her team, personally delivered several rescue boats she bought that same day. She also posted
'We love each other but we're not right for each other.'
In her most recent video upload on YouTube, singer and internet personality Donnalyn Bartolome got candid about her last relationship as she unpacked boxes that contained the things her ex sent back to her.According to Donnalyn, she has been dealing with
With a mini prank, of course.
Get ready for all the feels! Donnalyn Bartolome surprised her mom with a birthday flower bouquet-and each rose was wrapped in $100 bills! ALSO READ!WATCH: Donnalyn Bartolome *Babysits* A Giant Snake For A DayHer titas helped her arrange the whole
Can you handle it?
Donnalyn Bartolome is here with another ~crazy fun~ video: This time, she's taking care of a giant snake-specifically a female Burmese python-for an entire day. In her new vlog, we meet B. (yes, with a period), and tbh,
~*Twinning moment*~
We love it when celebs get candid on Instagram, and for today's dose of ~raw and real~, Donnalyn Bartolome posted the funniest selfie ever featuring her red lipstick. The singer shared her twinning moment with siopao (steamed pork bun). LOL!
But she's 'really honored' that fans wanted her to play the role.
After Jane De Leon bagged the coveted role of Darna in the upcoming movie, Nadine Lustre was asked about her thoughts on the reboot on CNN Philippines. The actress said, "I'm just really honored that people want me to be their
She was convinced to do it by singer and vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome.
Nadine Lustre is one of the fan favorites to replace Liza Soberano as Darna in the upcoming remake. While she has said that she's open to playing the iconic role, this video takes it to the next level.Singer and vlogger
It's a great alternative to highlighting + contouring.
Remember when Kisses Delavin wore blush around her temples and eye area? So we're calling it: That moment marked the start of the revival of an '80s blush trend known as ~*draping*~.While Rihanna was one of the first