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How could you say no to two favorites in one?
Filipino food is becoming more and more well-known around the world, and one venture that's made a mark is Kora. This New York-based, online-only doughnut bakery gives the pastry a spin by employing Filipino flavors such as
It's only available from February 1 to 15, 2021!
Hello there! Now that Valentine's Day is just weeks away, we're sure you're already thinking of the perfect gift for your S.O. (or yourself, lol #selflove). We've already written about non-boring bouquets
Stuffed with hopes & dreams, I swear.
Every time I head for the dessert table at parties, I usually see three main stars: leche flan, fruit salad, and buko pandan. I honestly try them all (because why not??) but if I really had to choose, it's always
There's enough for everyone to get a second, third, or maybe even fifth piece!
If you're celebrating a special occasion anytime soon and you want to serve a classic dessert that's sure to win everyone over, you can't go wrong with Lola Nena's old fashioned donuts. The bakeshop
Yes, you can have these delivered.
Bungalow Cafe & Bakery at Molito Lifestyle Center is one of the trendiest brunch spots that folks from the South go to for hearty meals, a cup of brewed coffee, super thick milkshakes, and cakes and pastries. Their bombolone (also called bomboloni), or
Yay for cheese dougnut cravings!
I've always been jealous of friends who live in the northern part of Metro Manila. Every weekend, I would see them post their merienda which I badly wanted to try: Lola Nena's Old-Fashioned and Triple Cheese Doughnuts.
They'll be available for a limited time only!
You probably have your favorite donuts at Krispy Kreme-maybe it's the simple but satisfying Original Glaze, the fruity Raspberry Filled, or the chocolatey Oreo Kreme Cake. But if you love salted caramel, this new variant is for you. Dubbed
So, so delicious!
Milky cheese doughnuts, a type of doughnut that contains melted cheese in the center and is coated in milk powder and powdered sugar, has been making waves in and around Metro Manila recently and we bet you've been dying to
Meet your new favorite merienda.
As much as we enjoyed keeping ourselves occupied this quarantine period by making our own doughnuts using a pancake mix or making doughnut holes with three ingredients, you may have missed another doughnut trend making rounds on your social media feeds. Meet
No yeast necessary!
Restaurants have slowly been getting back to business, and if you don't want to (or can't) head out to pick up your fave dishes, delivery is always an option. But all those food orders add up, so if
How do these keep getting cuter??
Thanks to TikTok, extra time on our hands, and our collective love of making tiny foods, the internet has obsessed over cereal made of breakfast foods. First, there was pancake cereal, then there was waffle cereal, and, finally, there was cookie cereal (
And no, you won't need yeast.
With some of your go-to restaurants and cafes slowly opening their doors again, you could probably just have the desserts you're craving for delivered to your house. The downside is that it can get pretty expensive. (Seriously, I ordered *
Add a box of pancake mix to your shopping list!
A box of pancake mix can be used for more than just pancakes: you can use it to make cupcakes, corn dog, banana bread, and even waffles, just to name a few. In a Facebook group called Let's Eat, Pare,
Calling all donut lovers!
J.Co Donuts & Coffee is about to celebrate their eighth anniversary, and they're feeling kinda generous. Next week, you can get two dozen delicious donuts for only 500!For this promo, you can purchase one box of a pre-assorted dozen
One bite will take you back to your childhood!
The goodness of chocolate malted milk is always a pleasant reminder of our childhoods (aka ~*simpler times*~). As you may recall, it's *the* drink that we had for breakfast, bago sunduin ng school bus, and for merienda, in between games of
Which one is the most sulit?
The only bad thing about donuts is how fast they disappear. One minute, you're holding this beautiful round dessert between two fingers, and the next, it's gone. If you're lucky, puwede ka pa kumuha ng isa
Donut give up.
We love that Christmas gives us the excuse to indulge and treat ourselves to delicious eats, but the next best thing about Christmas is saving money, right? If you're looking for a great merienda deal for you and your officemates,
Ube cravings, solved.
We're still trying to recover from Dunkin' Donuts' Choco Butternut Munchkins available by the bucket, and now, they've released another flavor that'll make us go nuts.It's official: You can now also
'My behavior was very offensive.'
Y'all remember that donut-licking scandal that blew up a few months ago, right? I mean, who can forget Ariana Grande sneakily licking donuts that were ready to be sold. SO GROSS, ARI.The singer has since sent out an apology
Or maybe an avocado frappe.
You know what would be perfect right now? A donut-no, make that a BOX of donuts-and a huge cup of coffee. Whether you're stressed, happy, or just craving, today is a perfect day to treat yourself, just because.We