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Do you see it?!
More and more Pinoys are getting hooked on the hit K-drama A World Of Married Couple.The infidelity-themed series starring Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon is currently the highest-rated cable TV drama in South Korea, and has
Are they twins?!
Does Meghan Markle have a twin? Erm, no. But you'd be forgiven for thinking she does if you've ever come across US-based influencer Akeisha Varnado Land on Instagram. Don't believe us? You're going
Liza Soberano and Nancy McDonie from MOMOLAND have finally met after ~years~ of being called lookalikes. The K-pop star posted their photo on Instagram and said, "Nice meeting you, Liza."It was Nancy and the rest of MOMOLAND who reportedly asked
Will the real Ariana Grande please stand up?
Update: November 26, 2019Paige talked to Cosmopolitan about what it was like to have Ari see her makeup skills, and she revealed she was a little apprehensive to know Ariana's thoughts at first. "I was excited but nervous to see what
There really is an uncanny resemblance!
Netizens are pointing out the uncanny resemblance of a Binibining Pilipinas candidate to Pia Wurtzbach. Meet Hannah Arnold, the Filipino-Australian who is representing Masbate in the beauty pageant. Hannah got to meet Pia at a recently concluded charity gala and couldn&#
We can't unsee it now.
Editors' Note: Cosmopolitan Philippines previously reported that the tweet came from Sue Ramirez's personal Twitter account, when it was not. We apologize for the oversight.Back in July 2018, we noticed that Sue Ramirez bears a striking resemblance to
Our eyes (and hearts) are confused!
We've known for a while now that Hollywood celebs Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are basically long-lost twins. Even Ryan (Reynolds)'s wife Blake Lively thinks so! But now we found another ~member~ of the family, thanks to
Is he the fourth Hemsworth brother?!
Sports are cool and all, but aren't they just so much better when they intersect with your favorite celebrities!? Case in point: Liam Hemsworth's doppelgänger who just so happens to be a major tennis player competing in
This is something we cannot unsee!
Maine Mendoza shared a Father's Day greeting, but with a hilarious twist!The host-comedienne posted a screenshot of Bruno Mars' sweet Instagram greeting for his dad, adding, "Ako ba ang ama ni Bruno Mars?"Maine's fans
They legit look like long-lost sisters!
Last year, the Internet was shookt after finding out that our very own Liza Soberano had a doppelganger in the form of Nancy McDonie, a K-Pop idol from the girl group Momoland. Since then, the group has been receiving an overwhelming
She's a Dutch model named Iza Ijzerman.
In today's edition of celebrity dopplegängers, let's put the spotlight on one girl who got the internet shookt because of her resemblance to Gigi Hadid.Elle UK reported that Iza Ijzerman, a 22-year-old model based in the
What's better than one Gosling? Two.
It's been a while since Hollywood has had a good doppelgänger. Leonardo DiCaprio's Russian twin extended his 15 minutes of fame and went on to star in a vodka commercial. It was cute, especially the part where Leo appeared (
It might creep you out.
Recently, Grace Montoyo got Twitterverse shookt when she posted several pics of herself in her account. On that same day, she got tweets from people who thought she closely resembled Selena Gomez.I was so much cooler last summer....
Her brows certainly live up to Gigi's power kilay.
As far as facial features go, Gigi Hadid is more than genetically blessed. Her mother's icy Dutch beauty and her father's Middle Eastern ancestry combined forms a face we probably won't get tired of seeing any time soon.And
You'd seriously do a double take!
From Angelica Panganiban to Ariana Grande, these celeb lookalikes will surely blow your mind. They even had us fooled! VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram.
Even Ariana's cousin thought it was her.
We've seen some intense celebrity dopplegangers in our day, but 23-year-old Ariana Grande and 20-year-old Jacky Melissa Vasquez are on a whole other level of twinning.For example, this is Ariana:And this is Jacky:The Virginia
The Angelina Jolie one is mind-blowing.
Celebrities: if you can't be one, look like one (or that's the thought process we're guessing this lot went for, anyway).1. ACTUAL ANGELINA JOLIEANGELINA JOLIE LOOKALIKE2. ACTUAL MILEY CYRUSMILEY CYRUS LOOKALIKE3. ACTUAL KATY PERRYKATY PERRY LOOKALIKE4. ACTUAL RIHANNARIHANNA
The internet giveth!Santana Gutierrez was walking around a mall in San Diego when she met someone who looked just like her. And by "just like her," I mean, "were these two separated at birth, The Parent Trap-style?!" Check it out:
We wouldn't be surprised if people start asking her for selfies after reading this.
Here's the good news: you don't have to go to Hollywood to see Chloe Grace Moretz.If you really want to meet your fave celeb...or take a photo with someone who looks ~*A LOT*~ like her, just go to
Her name is Angela. What a coincidence.
A few weeks ago, a reader tagged our Facebook account and commented: "You should check out this girl. She totally looks like Angelica Panganiban."We immediately inspected her profile and was surprised by her huge resemblance to the The Unmarried Wife star.