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Some will retain its cast members while others will have a new ~storyline~!
A long, long time ago when K-dramas were still called Koreanovelas (and we had to watch them on local TV or rent CDs), a sequel for a series is *very* rare. After the last episode, we are either left with 123456789
Looking for something new to binge-watch? These series won't disappoint you!
If we're going to be honest, Netflix's Original Korean dramas are always top-tier. There's something about them that makes us ~emotionally invested~ to the point that we don't even notice it's
Lee Yoo Mi is nominated in two categories!
This is it, you guys-our *most awaited* event of the year is about to happen! The Baeksang Arts Awards just announced the nominees for their 58th year but before we go to that, here's a quick guide about the
You have to see their webtoon ~counterparts~!
K-dramas adapted from webtoons are not new-you'll be amazed to know that some of the Koreanovelas we love like Princess Hours and Full House were actually illustrated works before they came to life on the small screen!Also
Some are renewed for a second season!
As early as now, we can already *predict* that 2022 is going to be another good year for K-dramas! The list is not only long but also diverse-there's at least one series from every genre we can think
We're going to see An Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol again!
Our long list of ~questions~ will soon have answers, D.P. fans-Netflix just confirmed that the *dark and disturbing K-drama* is set for a second season!Led by Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan, D.P., or Deserter'
The dark and intense K-drama sparked discussion in SoKor.
One of the most intense and disturbing K-dramas we've ever seen is the Netflix original series D.P., which is about South Korean soldiers who escaped the military. This show had us on the edge of our seats with
In the mood for something *disturbing*?
As much as we love funny, romantic, and healing K-dramas, we find ourselves looking for dark series every now and then. These suspenseful shows are more than a horror fest and feature characters that look and feel *real.* They also tackle
He came from an influential family!
Ah, Jung Hae In. Who doesn't love this Korean dreamboat? The first drama where I saw him was in Prison Playbook as the *scary* Captain Yoo, who is actually more than meets the eye. After finishing all 16 episodes of
And where you can watch them!
Ready na ba ang lahat? August 2021 is raining K-dramas and we're already sure our nights will be spent watching them all! This month, we have a military-themed series, a period show, a rom-com set by the
Which series tops your list?
We're *almost* done with 2021 and OMG, we have watched so many high-quality K-dramas! From crime thrillers to rom-coms, we have spent sleepless nights binge-watching these shows and nope, we have no regrets. In fact, we&#
Hae In will be joined by a star-studded cast!
Article updated: July 30, 2021, 11:30 p.m.Our Jung Hae In is back and this time he's playing a soldier...who catches soldiers! The actor is starring in the webtoon-adapted drama D.P. as Ahn Jun Ho,
No need to go out to take the perfect DP!
If you clicked on this, you're probably dying to change your outdated profile pic. You've already looked through the stuff that's on your camera roll and not a single DP-worthy pic. But what if I told you that
He's played the role of a musketeer, a pharmacist, a king, and more!