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The Duchess of Cambridge rarely strays from it.
There's one thing you may never have noticed about the Duchess of Cambridge's footwear choices: She always wears closed-toe shoes.For official engagements or outings where she's representing the royal family, Kate will opt for
'Apart from the pain, working women also complain of injury after slipping, falling, and tripping with high-heeled shoes on. This must be stopped.'
As a foreigner, make it a point to respect local customs.
Etiquette exists for a reason, and as tourists visiting a different city, it's our responsibility to adhere to certain societal norms. Don't feign ignorance-it's a quick way to insult your hosts and other locals around you. But aside
Because they say our legs are distracting the boys. Suuuuure.
We've all felt restricted when we had to conform to dress codes. It could've been back in high school and we couldn't accessorize much or just have fun with our uniforms. It could've been in those school fairs
Take note, guys and girls!
Attending a wedding soon? Here's a guide to common wedding dress codes:Black tie occasions require gents to wear tuxedos or dark three-piece suits. The ladies are expected to wear full-length gowns. These weddings are usually held in the
How to dress up for ANY event.
Event invites are confusing. There's white tie, black tie, formal, semi-formal, cocktail-the list goes on and on. But girl, don't worry, because we're here to help! Here, a list of the most common dress codes, and how