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Calling all ARMYs! This is not a drill: Starbucks Korea is releasing a product line in collaboration with BTS.The campaign, which will run from January 21 to February 6, 2020, is called, "Be the Brightest Stars," and it features six limited
Game changer.
Hi, CGs. I'm about to change your life today, and so if you'd like to name your first born after me, I'm cool with that.Introducing CLEAR COFFEE! That's right, coffee without the signature brown color that wreaks
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on March 22, 2017!
1 It's no secret that Ellen Adarna and "Hottest Math Teacher" Pietro Boselli caught each other's eyes, but Ellen is the first to admit that she might end up being a bad student with him around. "Ay nako, baka hindi
For hot days ahead.
It's going to be one hot, hot summer, Cosmo Girls! To keep you cool, we concocted this special drink just for you! Bottoms up.***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
A cup of green tea a day may actually keep the doctor away.
Consumed for thousands of years in China, green tea is said to aid with stress reduction and weight management. All types of tea-green, black and oolong-are produced from the Camellia sinensis plant using different methods. Fresh leaves from the plant
It's not fashionable to be carried out of the club.
1. You don't want to puke all over the place. Getting vomit on those new Nike Flyknits you just bought is sooooooooo NOT cute! Also, a bitch to clean in the morning. Let's not get started on the dry, half-
Perfect for weekends (or when you call in sick).
Think of the happiest hour you've ever had in Boracay, shake off the sand and the constant clench of your belly, and you've got absolutely the best thing to do on a weekend/holiday/when you're calling in sick.
Emphasis on PERFECT.
Ever tried making your own cocktail? It shouldn't be so hard to mix gin/vodka/whiskey/rum, juice, fruit, sauce, and other flavors together, but there is a way to make the best glass of cocktail and we have science to
Sober doesn't mean boring.
There was a time in my life when thinking about being sober while dating would have terrified me. In fact, once upon a time, my online dating profile included the line, "If you don't drink, don't message me." Drinking was
The best holiday drinks for the Yuletide season!
There are many reasons to love the holidays-13th-month pay, company-sponsored drinking sessions, Christmas presents-and the return of Yuletide-themed drinks!Here, we 've rounded up some of the best drinks the city has to offer. Launch the gallery
Need to de-stress? Round up your girlfriends and head to Buddha Bar tonight!
Buddha-Bar Manila celebrates girl power every Wednesday with Ladies' Night! All you hardworking gals are exclusively invited to party the night away with overflowing and unlimited sparkling wine for free from 9PM to 12 midnight. There is no door charge necessary.
Beat the heat this summer with these delish virgin cocktails!
Happy April Fool's Day, Cosmo girls! Summer is officially here and it's time to go out and play. With the sun blazing and the beach calling, you'll want to keep yourself hydrated with a refreshing drink or two. Water'
The next time you chat up a guy at a party or bar, watch how he drinks--it can tell you a lot about his mood and intentions.
He grips his long-neck loosely.Lightly encircling the top of his beer bottle with his thumb and index finger reveals that he's confident. Not only does the relaxed gesture indicate he feels in control of the situation, but it's