It tastes as beautiful as it looks!
If you're not an experienced drinker-like me-but still want to try something sweet with a kick, why not give Rainbow Sangrias a try? We used chilled grapes, melon, and apples, but feel free to pick your fave fruits
Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?
At some point in your life, thanks to Disney's The Little Mermaid (or, you know, Dyesebel), you've probably wondered what it's like to live like a mermaid; well, this cool drink will bring you a step
Basically, Yakult with a kick!
If soju, a staple in Korean drinking culture, is a little too strong for you, mixing in some Yakult is a great way to make it more palatable:Give it a try!VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Ysa SingsonVIDEO SHOT BY: Bianca Laxamana, Coleen
Soju think you know soju?
ICYMI, we got soju virgins to try the famous Korean drink for the first time. But now, we want to know if soju lovers can tell the difference between flavors:What about you? Are you a soju expert? Follow Ysa on Instagram.
We understand that not everyone likes wine right away.
We know that wine has a certain reputation; some people think only "fancy" people drink it. And we also understand that not everyone likes wine right away. But if you want to take baby steps to appreciating wine, we suggest trying these
What's in an 'Empraning?'
Got a house party coming up? Try these Pinoy-inspired cocktails and tell us which one you like best! Follow Ysa on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
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