Bottoms up!
If you've ever been to our local convenience stores and supermarkets and checked out the alcohol section, you most probably have spotted a bottle of soju. This Korean alcoholic beverage is a colorless distilled drink made from rice, wheat, or
Which one are you?
Researchers at the Michigan State University have been working on a way to categorize the different types of drinkers that exist in the world. And no, we don't mean "the prosecco drinker who loves brunch," or "the gin and tonic
Hear, hear!
Kate Middleton is most known for her charity work, enviable style, and caring for the most precious royal babies, but did you also know she's a woman after our own hearts and is the founder of a drinking society?It&#
It tastes as beautiful as it looks!
If you're not an experienced drinker-like me-but still want to try something sweet with a kick, why not give Rainbow Sangrias a try? We used chilled grapes, melon, and apples, but feel free to pick your fave fruits
Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?
At some point in your life, thanks to Disney's The Little Mermaid (or, you know, Dyesebel), you've probably wondered what it's like to live like a mermaid; well, this cool drink will bring you a step
Basically, Yakult with a kick!
If soju, a staple in Korean drinking culture, is a little too strong for you, mixing in some Yakult is a great way to make it more palatable:Give it a try!VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Ysa SingsonVIDEO SHOT BY: Bianca Laxamana, Coleen
Soju think you know soju?
ICYMI, we got soju virgins to try the famous Korean drink for the first time. But now, we want to know if soju lovers can tell the difference between flavors:What about you? Are you a soju expert? Follow Ysa on Instagram.
We understand that not everyone likes wine right away.
We know that wine has a certain reputation; some people think only "fancy" people drink it. And we also understand that not everyone likes wine right away. But if you want to take baby steps to appreciating wine, we suggest trying these
What's in an 'Empraning?'
Got a house party coming up? Try these Pinoy-inspired cocktails and tell us which one you like best! Follow Ysa on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
One shot!
Did you know that Park Seo Joon can consume two bottles of soju all by himself? That's how common and loved soju is in Korea. We invited soju virgins to try the drink for the first time: Follow Ysa on Instagram.
Answer: Way too much.
Bubble tea changed my life, there I said it. When the whole bubble tea craze started a few years ago, it was the first time I was ever able to stomach the taste of tea. All I knew about tea until that
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on March 22, 2017!
1 It's no secret that Ellen Adarna and "Hottest Math Teacher" Pietro Boselli caught each other's eyes, but Ellen is the first to admit that she might end up being a bad student with him around. "Ay nako, baka hindi
Not that he needs it.
Good news, muggles!Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies answered all your prayers and came out with a cute formula for if you want to create the love potion from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.But, as many Potterheads know, Amortentia
Starbucks Japan just introduced a Hot Baked Apple Pie Latte and Frappuccino to its holiday menu, and I'm adding it to the list of delicious offerings I wish were available in the Philippines (cc: McDonald's Italy's Nutella burger).The
Well, this is terrifying.
You know when you're cramming for finals, get zero sleep, and basically subsist on Red Bull and Cheetos? Yeah, you shouldn't do that anymore. Well, maybe the Cheetos can stay, but the energy drink has to go because it's
And other completely made-up coffee trivia we brewed up.
Everybody knows how much of a struggle it is to function in the morning-even early birds depend on that first cup of coffee before they really start the day. But how we take our coffee is where it gets pretty interesting,
Mug or mason jar?
Just as your sense of style or your taste in movies says a lot about your personality, so does the type of coffee carrier you go for. Do you take your time and drink from a mug, or do you rely on
Fruit juices can actually do more harm than good to your body.
Despite what the packaging may tell you, this does NOT provide an easy and convenient way to get in one or two of your 5-a-day fruits. Most shop-bought fruit juices are pasteurized (essentially boiled), which destroys a lot of
For hot days ahead.
It's going to be one hot, hot summer, Cosmo Girls! To keep you cool, we concocted this special drink just for you! Bottoms up.***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
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