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Grey hair, don't care?
So you've heard of ombre and dip-dyed locks, but we bet you've never heard of the hottest Spring-Summer 2015 beauty trend: Granny hair!Yep, #grannyhair is an actual hashtag on Instagram, you guys. More women are
Don't let the heat fry your new hue! Protect dyed tresses at the beach by following these 3 simple tips.
1. Watch out for the sun.Go easy on shine-enhancing stylers because certain formulas can attract harmful rays. To further guard against the sun, use a protective spray to shield locks from UV damage.2. Don't sweat it!Engaging in
Are your locks lacking some luster? Cosmo trooped to a salon in Quezon City where you can get treatments to bring back the glory to your crown.
You never need a reason to want to get gorgeous and look prettier than you've ever been. Every hardworking Cosmo chick deserves a little pampering every now and then, and what better way to spoil yourself than with a good
Save up on a lot of moolah by learning how to dye your locks at home. But before you embark on doing this beauty task on your own, read on for some safe tips.
Guest Color Expert: Goselle, head colorist at NYC's Pierre Michel Haute Coiffure and consultant to ClairolWho She Primps: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Renee ZellwegerThe beauty scoop: To pull off at-home color, first part your hair in the middle, then apply the