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These are perfect for those who have a low pain tolerance.
Getting an ear piercing for the first time can be pretty exciting. After all, there are a lot of placements you can consider, which just make it so *tempting* to get multiple piercings. But if you're not ready to go
Say hello to the coolest ear piercing you can get.
We all know that curated ear piercings are still huge this 2021-and will continue to be for a long time-but if you're looking for a unique piercing that makes a statement even on its own, we found the
So pretty!
For the last three years, multiple ear piercings have been having a moment: Lobes aren't the only spots anymore, with a variety of jewelry you can curate to fit your ~aesthetic~. There are various types of ear piercing combinations out
It's the year of curated ears!
Now that 2021 is just around the corner, we think it's the best time for you to *fulfill* one of your long-time bucket list goals of curating your ears-it's the perfect way to start your "New
We need those gold studs, Jisoo.
After everything that's happened in 2020, it feels fulfilling to tick off something from the bucket list. Most of the people we know are planning to get multiple piercings next year. If you're one of them, we'
Yay for less healing time!
Hello there! We've covered ear piercings a lot on, from the prettiest combinations you can try to one that can *apparently* help with migraines. But today, we're here to discuss an option you can look into
According to the video, it happened on Joey's 10th birthday!
Here's a blast from the past! According to a video uploaded under the YouTube channel JoeyKingActress, Joey King got her ears pierced for the first time with the support of her family. And guess who else went with her? Selena
She posted about it on TikTok and the post has now gone viral.
It's normal to be nervous when you're about to get a piercing-even if it isn't your first time. After all, an object is about to pierce your skin, so it's bound to be
It can actually *shatter* your cartilage.
It's offish: Getting multiple piercings is cool now-that second or third ear candy is practically a rite of passage for a lot of people. It's a sign that they are owning their bodies.There are two ways
We know you want to.
Getting multiple ear piercings is becoming increasingly popular--you probably know more than one friend who has a daith or helix piercing. If you want to try it before the year ends, it's not too late! Here are the best
Looking to get your ears pierced? This is the sign you've been waiting for.
Getting an ~extra~ ear piercing is nothing out of the ordinary now. Chances are, a lot of your friends have them, too! If you're feeling a little jealous and left out, don't worry, because we've rounded
Could it be because of Hello, Love, Goodbye's success?
Kathryn Bernardo just showed off her latest ear piercing in an Instagram post."Another piercing, another answered prayer," Kathryn captioned the post, which featured stunning photos of her and her multiple ear piercings against a backdrop which looks to be the Marina