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So pretty!
Have you *finally* decided to get multiple piercings? There are a bunch of ear-piercing combinations you can consider, depending on your ~aesthetic~. If you're someone who likes to keep things classy, you can take the minimalist route and mix
''Yon yung agimat na dala-dala ko ngayon.'
Yesterday, Rabiya Mateo had her closed-door interview for the 2020 Miss Universe pageant. She wore a white pearl-studded blazer dress created by Iloilo-based designer Ram Silva, and she paired it with jewelry that may look very familiar to pageant
So, so cute!
Hello there! If you're looking for an easy way to immediately ~upgrade~ your look, we recommend changing out the earrings of your multiple piercings! Not a fan of studs? That's okay, we have another option for you-huggie
The affirmations will hit you right in the feels.
With everything that's been going on these past few months, it's totally understandable if you have those days when you're feeling low. One quick tip that you can try is to reflect (or better yet, meditate)
It all started when she had a knack for selling jewelry in high school.
The K-drama Start-Up just showed us how challenging starting and running a business is-and 21-year-old Kyla Cañete could not agree more. In May 2018, before she entered her first year of college, Kyla began Tala By
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Here at, we're *obsessed* with multiple ear piercings-single ones on each ear are so 2020, lol. One of the fun parts of having a lot of piercings is you get to style them with any earrings your
You'll want everything!
As I was searching for cute accessories to make my basic outfits look well, less basic, I stumbled upon an IG shop that sells quirky earrings. I immediately saved the pic and went over my closet to imagine how the earrings will
So pretty!
For the last three years, multiple ear piercings have been having a moment: Lobes aren't the only spots anymore, with a variety of jewelry you can curate to fit your ~aesthetic~. There are various types of ear piercing combinations out
Personalized and curated!
Hello there! If one of your resolutions for the New Year is to *finally* get more ear piercings, we found the perfect thing for you. 55 Tinta Pilipinas, a local tattoo and piercing studio famous for its work on celeb clients like
Totally chic.
In case you haven't noticed, Mari Jasmine has been doing an excellent job in curating ear candy for her multiple piercings. She always has been a woman of style, so it's no surprise that her knack for ~*cool*~
So pretty!
Sarah Lahbati has been wearing multiple ear piercings for a while now, and we love how she curates various earrings on her ear. But, Sarah's latest bling selection is what caught our eye. In ~*special*~ appreciation post, her ear party
So pretty!
Summer just went by, and we're all missing the beach! We just take a look at our throwback pics, wishing that we could have another getaway in the future. Our bikinis, sundresses, and crop tops probably think we forgot about
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Lately, we found ourselves obsessing over handmade jewelry, such as dried flower resin accessories and polymer clay earrings. Knowing they're a ~labor of love~ that makes them extra special. Plus, they are super customizable so the design you have in
Pan de sal earrings? Yes, please!
If you're into quirky accessories, you'll surely love ones made using polymer clay. Since they are handmade, you can ask for a specific (aka unusual) design to be made for you! They are also scene-stealers because they
Looking for some unique statement earrings? Then you better shop this list!
If you're the type to distress through retail therapy, then it's safe to say that this quarantine period has awoken the online shopper in you (if you weren't one prior to the lockdown). I for one, am heavy on
If your style is more low-key, you’ll be *obsessed* with everything!
Trendy accessories are cute and all, but nothing beats classic fine pieces that you can wear for years. (How many times have you worn your giant floral earrings since you bought them anyway? Lol!) By the time you hit your 20s, we
She kept backing out the whole time, LOL!
While many of us have gotten our ears pierced as babies or children, Hyeri had her ears pierced for the first time at 27 years old! She shared on her latest vlog that she's been putting it off because she&#
We know it's tempting, but do not eat the earrings.
For some people, stopping to buy fish balls, kwek-kwek, or kikiam and then dunking it in their favorite sawsawan is already a merienda ritual. If you have an infinite love for street food, you should add these super cute tusok-tusok
From helix, to daith to tragus, we explain what they are and how much they hurt
With so many different kinds of ear piercings out there, it's important to do your research before you get pierced so you know exactly what you want, where you want it and how much it's going to hurt.
This is one pair of patriotic earrings you’ll also want to wear!
Miss Universe titleholder Catriona Gray wore the most stunning-and now iconic "Three Stars and the Sun" ear cuff by Tessera Jewelry when she won the Miss Universe crown in 2018.This time, Pinays might want to wear their national pride as