You never have dumb fights because you guys are NEVER hangry.
1. You know how to make each other really, really happy.And all it takes is opening your foodpanda account.2. You avoid dumb fights because you're never hangry.bae: i love you me: nah go tell it to that girl
All about that Tupperware life.
If you follow a fair few fitness bloggers on Instagram, you'll probably have seen the #MealPrep hashtag wheeled out every Sunday or Monday night. Y'know, those posts of perfectly aligned tupperware, packed with food for the week ahead?Meal preppers
We've been doing it all wrong!
If your job involves you pretending to be a functioning adult five days a week, you probably rely on an early morning hit of caffeine to help you feel human.Sadly, it turns out, we've been doing coffee all wrong. Research
*Removes hand from bag of chips.*
While it's totally cool to eat solely for pleasure sometimes, it's important to know the difference between your body's desire for deliciousness and real hunger, TFW your blood sugar has dropped, your hunger hormones flow, your satiety hormones go
Let's celebrate with some cake.
A study from Biological Psychology argues stress-eating is not a legitimate excuse one can use anymore to explain why she's eaten an entire post-dinner pizza in one sitting. Well, it doesn't say exactly that, but it
Girl LOVES her burgers!
Try to throw a lazy insult like "Go eat a sandwich" at Gigi Hadid and she will probably be all, "I'm going to go eat a burger, thanks, bye." At least that's what it sounds like from the model's
Scary things, apparently.
It's no secret that instant noodles are anything but healthy. We're not even sure if the vegetable packet that comes with every cup is made up of real veggies. Still, according to the World Instant Noodles Association-yes, it exists-"
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