Acne? Bloating? We've got the solutions here.
AcneVitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that fights dry skin and acne, and helps the skin repair itself and fight off bacteria that cause the blemishes. So eat vitamin A-rich food like dark green leafy vegetables such as kale and
Here's what you should really do (and not do) to keep the pounds off.
Here are some long-held beliefs when it comes to losing weight: One, if a diet doesn't put your taste buds in a coma, it's not effective. Two, a grumbling stomach is a good sign that you've cut back
Bye, bloat!
There's no shame in showing off your midriff in a bikini or crop top-ever. But it doesn't feel good to bare your belly when you're uncomfortably bloated.Common culprits are constipation, fluid retention, and gas from swallowed air
Stress-eating, mindless munching, zero exercise...Is your job causing you to pack on the pounds?
You already know that stress at your workplace could make you go nuts, but did you know that it could also add inches to your waistline? "Blame it on fast-paced modern living," says Dr. Anita Vohra, a practicing counselor who draws
Are you too lazy to exercise? Our Quickie Blogger runs down fast and easy ways to stay healthy and fit.
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