Congrats, guys!
Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young impressed viewers for their dramatic scenes in the Korean drama Where Stars Land.Also known as Fox Bride Star, this drama depicts the lives of employees at Incheon International Airport in South Korea.The two Filipino stars
We didn't expect things to get so intense!
We finally get our first peek at Lauren Young and Ejay Falcon's characters on the Korean drama Where Stars Land! The show, which is also known as Fox Bride Star, features Korean actord Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin
2016 is starting out with a BANG!
Hello, 2016! And hellooooooooooo Ejay Falcon. I know, I know. YOU'RE WELCOME. ~*blushes*~*** Read your Cosmo wherever you go! Click here for your subscription options.Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 22, 2015!
1 Ejay Falcon doesn't want to hear anything more about how he and Ellen Adarna haven't been talking since the Star Magic Ball incident last month, where she left him for Paulo Avelino. He says those rumors about them having
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 1, 2015!
1 There's a rumor going around that on the night of the 9th Star Magic Ball, Ellen Adarna, who had left her date Ejay Falcon, had a quickie with fellow Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino. The Pasion de Amor star laughed it
'Yes, I was drunk. Basta, 'di ako wasak na wasak.'
In a special report by Tonight With Boy Abunda, Ellen Adarna answered all the hard questions about her controversial drunken incident at the 9th Star Magic Ball on September 12. When asked if she was indeed drunk that night, Ellen truthfully replied, "
Ellen Adarna's very first Star Magic Ball was quite eventful to say the least. The Pasion de Amor actress arrived alongside co-star (and rumored new beau) Ejay Falcon on September 12 at the 9th Star Magic Ball. As reported in
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