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'As we’ve grown exponentially, I’ve not been able to stay on top of everything.'
Ellen DeGeneres has finally spoken up about allegations that her show is a "toxic work environment" after multiple employees came forward about the bullying, microaggressions, and racism they experienced on set. In a letter acquired by Variety, Ellen said the reports were
Employees said they faced microaggressions and racism, and were fired after taking medical leave.
Employees on The Ellen DeGeneres Show are coming forward about the "toxic work environment" on set of the long-running talk show. According to 10 former employees and one current employee who spoke anonymously to BuzzFeed News, Ellen's show is
'Ellen really is the worst.'
Since it's incredibly unsafe to go outside if you're not an essential worker these days, many celebrities have been social distancing in their gigantic homes while slowly unraveling. We saw it happen with Gal Gadot and her celebrity
The YouTuber has spoken out about her experience on The Ellen Show.
Just one week after Nikkie Tutorials shaded Pat McGrath, our favorite beauty YouTuber is at it again, this time however, she's come for the Queen of daytime TV.Back in January, Nikkie came out as transgender in an emotional video
Is there a future for Hendall?
Just when you thought the Brit Award ceremony was exciting enough (we're talking drunken speeches, brilliant performances and, y'know, LIZZO), all the celebs sauntered off to fancy afterparties and gave us even. More. To. Discuss.Namely, the fact
He doesn't want to 'attract unwanted attention' to them.
Tom Hanks did it. Ellen DeGeneres (kinda) did it. Hell, just about every award winner of all time takes a moment to thank their children or their family in their speech, and last night's Golden Globes was no exception to
*sips tea*
Allow me to take you back in time for a moment: The year is 2013 and you are easily the biggest One Direction stan you have ever met. Harry Styles is your favorite 1D boy of the group, but he keeps breaking
Don't hold back, Kenny.
Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden (only, er, James Corden wasn't there), last night, and the drama was not lost on fans. And from the blowjob jokes to the shady questions, it&#
Ellen's invite got lost in the mail, and she's ready to throw hands!
Okay, so most times when people go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, they don't get accosted with questions from Ellen about why she wasn't invited to [insert celebrity name here]'s birthday party, but when you'
Mena Massoud wore a Francis Libiran suit at the Aladdin premiere in Toronto, Canada, and he looked every bit the modern-day Disney prince! The actor, who plays Aladdin in the live-action movie, wore a custom wool brocade ensemble, according to
Somewhere, Joe Jonas is feeling awkward.
You know what sounds awkward? Going on a talk show and finding out the other guest is your ex-boyfriend-who-you-put-on-blast's new wife. Which appears to be exactly what happened to Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner,
Does shaving cream count as soap?
Okay, so Taylor Swift recently appeared on Ellen and was asked a series of very important questions including whether or not she washes her legs in the shower. And her answer was... interesting. Basically, Taylor said that she shaves her legs every
Why does this make me so happy?!
There are two shocking events to process here. Number one, Jennifer Aniston turned 50 and still looks better than me when I was in my prime at 18. Number two, her ex-husband Brad Pitt, was spotted arriving at her birthday party.
'It might as well be an old man's beard.'
We're all about wearing your pubic hair in whatever style you like-whether that's loud and proud or trimmed and preened to perfection. Here are some celebs getting real about their bush (or not) styles...Speaking to Allure,
Divine intervention is to thank.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make adorable kids; North West, Saint, and Chicago are all the spitting image of their parents. But according to the Keeping up with the Kardashians star, their youngest daughter Chicago is the most like her.Speaking on
He's not only the Prince Harry of Asia but the prince of our hearts!
Henry Golding plays Nick Young on the film adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians and he's the Asian leading man we didn't know we needed! I mean, look at him. He's just (in Constance Wu's
The powerhouse singer is reportedly hospitalized in LA for a drug overdose.
Demi Lovato has reportedly been hospitalized in Los Angeles following a possible drug overdose. Although the Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed responding to a call at 11:39 a.m to The Hollywood Reporter, they declined to name an individual or
It definitely worked out for them, though.
Though your education is super important, everyone's road to success is different. These stars may have dropped out of school, but they're doing just fine! *** This article originally appeared on Minor edits have been made by
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Does she know something we don't?
If there's one person who always seems to know all the celebrity gossip before the rest of us, it's friend-to-the-stars, Ellen DeGeneres.So you can imagine our excitement when she posted an Instagram which seemed