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Our hearts just melted.
Time surely heals all wounds, and it looks like all is well with Jake Ejercito these days.On Twitter, the actor recently spoke about his musings on the passage of time."Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night
'I realize that surfing (more) at 32 has been an even more meaningful experience [for] me.'
Andi Eigenmann has been happily surfing to her heart's content as seen on her more recent Insta posts. The actress, who's currently based in Siargao where she recently opened a snack bar, penned an inspiring post on May
According to Andi, growing up on the island can be character-forming.
Andi Eigenmann penned an emotional post as she noticed the positive changes as Ellie Eigenmann grows up in Siargao.In an Instagram post on April 15, Andi shared that taking photos with Ellie has been "rare" these days as she's
Her advice applies to adults, too!
It's been an exciting few days for Andi Eigenmann's daughter Lilo as she starts learning a new skill: surfing! Andi, Lilo, and the rest of their fam, Philmar Alipayo, Ellie Eigenmann, and Baby Koa, are back in Siargao,
'We have bid adieu to city life!'
Andi Eigenmann and the entire island fam have headed back to Siargao.The vlogger took to IG and her latest vlog to share the moments from when they recently left Manila."We have bid adieu to city life!" Andi wrote in her
It was Jake's first-ever scuba diving trip!
Jake Ejercito and Ellie Eigenmann just had the sweetest father and daughter bonding date as the two went scuba diving over the weekend. Jake revealed in an Instagram post that it was his first-ever dive as he shared several photos of
'Home for Xmas'
It's always a touching moment whenever we see celebs with their kids, and Jake Ejercito recently got the sweetest reunion with Ellie, his daughter with Andi Eigenmann.The actor took to IG to share his adorable photo planting a kiss
Ellie Eigenmann is also a volunteer!
Andi Eigenmann and Nadine Lustre were recently spotted at the same event.The two actresses took part in one of the activities of the Siargao Environmental Awareness (SEA) Movement, a non-government organization. Andi and her daughter, Ellie Eigenmann, have been volunteers
So many father-daughter moments!
No distance can keep dad Jake Ejercito from celebrating his daughter's birthday! The actor made a surprise visit to Siargao to celebrate Ellie Eigenmann's 10th birthday and it's making us *emotional*.In a video shared by
He explained what drove him to say such things about his ex-girlfriend.
Recently-evicted Pinoy Big Brother housemate Albie Casiño has apologized for his controversial statement about ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann during an episode of Toni Talks uploaded on November 21.Toni Gonzaga asked Albie whether he felt "vindicated" when the truth came
She reportedly feels like crying when she sees her son's beat-up photos from 2012.
Vlogger and talent manager Ogie Diaz just revealed more details about the controversial Andi Eigenmann and Albie Casiño issue. In a vlog posted on November 1, he discussed the controversy with his co-hosts, saying: "Kausap ko si Mommy Rina Casiñ
The messages were sent sometime in 2020.
Stevie Eigenmann, the half-sister of Andi Eigenmann through their dad Mark Gil, posted a screenshot of Andi's apology to Albie Casiño. The actor, who was Andi's boyfriend in 2011, was said to be the father of
Andi shared what she has learned from her mom!
We love how Andi Eigenmann often gives wise words on motherhood, and this time, the actress shared what she has learned from her mom, Jaclyn Jose.On Instagram, Andi shared a throwback photo of Jaclyn with Andi's eldest daughter, Ellie.
Jake: 'Sometimes, I'm shocked by how much she’s so much like me.'
Jake Ejercito and Ellie Eigenmann's previous text message thread made us laugh out loud, and it looks like the father and daughter duo are at it again! This time, Jake asked Ellie if he could have an autograph of Olympic
Yassi loved the island so much that she called it 'another love'!
ICYDK, Yassi Pressman recently took a trip to Siargao and the Rolling In It Philippines host got to hang out with Andi Eigenmann's happy island fam!On Instagram, Yassi posted a photo with Andi along with kids Ellie, Lilo, and
'Ellie is back and back to swimming, surfing...'
Andi Eigenmann now feels complete with her eldest child Ellie returning to their home in Siargao.Ellie is Andi's nine-year-old daughter with former boyfriend Jake Ejercito. She left the island for Manila in July.On Monday, September 27,
Well said, Jake!
Jake Ejercito fired back at a netizen who responded negatively to the actor's post on September 24. In the photo, Jake and Ellie Eigenmann were at the airport, and the actor gave his daughter a big hug as she returned
'I committed to raising my little girl in order for her to find her true and authentic self.'
Mom of three Andi Eigenmann recently reflected on being a mama to her kids Ellie, Lilo, and Koa.Posting a photo of Ellie on Instagram, Andi said that a part of her feels missing when her eldest isn't around. She
They had an eco-friendly pabitin!
Andi Eigenmann just shared more photos from her daughter Lilo's second birthday party."Lilo's second Birthday part two! We celebrated her second with a low-waste birthday party in open air, with all her little island friends! Taking
Happy birthday, little surfer girl!
Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo are celebrating Lilo's second birthday on July 24.The happy island fam kicked off Lilo's birthday with a ~special~ birthday breakfast of Lilo's fave dish, souffle pancakes. On Instagram, Andi shared photos