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It's best to be prepared!
In times of uncertainty, it's always best to prepared. You'll never know when the next disaster will happen, so it's a good idea to make sure that you have everything you need in your emergency go
It pays to be prepared.
A go-bag is where you place all your essentials that you can grab in just one go (hence the nickname) whenever disasters like earthquakes and flash floods strike. We'll never know when we'll need one, so it
‘It’s more than important to always be prepared.'
Natural disasters are unpredictable, and it's best to always be prepared for them. Every household should always have emergency kits and go bags ready for when disaster strikes. That said, the Philippine Red Cross released a list of the basic things
Like knowing where your pets hide when they’re scared.
Filipinos are encouraged to prepare for any unexpected, unfortunate circumstances. Of course, in times of need, we want to keep every member of our families safe-including our beloved pets. Pets do not exactly have the means to take care of themselves
Farmers and fisherfolk can borrow up to P25,000 with zero interest.
The Department of Agriculture is ready to help farmers and fisherfolk who've been affected by the phreatic eruption of Taal Volcano. According to Agriculture Secretary William Dar, they are prepared to offer emergency loans through the Agricultural Credit and Policy
Save these numbers on your phone.
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) has stated that there's still a possibility of volcanic tsunamis occurring; these are often triggered by debris falling after an eruption, pushing the water towards the shoreline and creating waves.PHIVOLCS Director Undersecretary
It's not about being praning, but being prepared.
Aside from the duck-cover-hold that the MMDA reiterates every time it instigates a Metro-wide shake drill, it's also important to note that having an emergency kit is as crucial as knowing what to do during a natural
Because it's your job to take care of the bride on her special day!
Weddings can leave brides frazzled with more than their fair share of stuff-to-do, and mishaps can still happen even with months of meticulous planning. As the maid of honor, it's traditionally your job to take care of anything that
A gender-sensitive disaster response is a need that cannot be ignored.
In the wake of natural disasters and calamities, government agencies and various organizations respond by transporting relief goods and emergency kits to affected areas.The need for food and water, of course, is prioritized. However, there's one particular group of
Her Google Maps took her the wrong way and then ran out of battery.
You'd probably think a visit to the Grand Canyon would be a trip of a lifetime, but for 24-year-old Texas student Amber VanHecke, it turned out to be a trip which nearly took her life, after she got stranded
Here are 12 essentials!
Here are some things you need to have:1. A "go bag"It's a backpack or duffel filled with survival essentials you can literally grab and take with you.2. At least two liters of waterHumans can survive for weeks with
Love her sultry looks on the runway and magazine pages? See what this model-DJ uses to enhance her daily look--all found in her chic French tote.
We see so many different models in fashion shows, magazine spreads, and advertisements. But, there are only a few who we really remember, not just by face but by name. One of them is Ornusa Cadness, who caught our eye not just
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