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Let's get into it.
When you sat down to watch Emily in Paris on Netflix back in October, you probably didn't think it was going to be kicking up a ton of controversy during awards season, because that would mean it'd actually be...nominated
And Twitter has a lot of feelings.
Happy Golden Globes nominations day! While this year's awards season is looking...well, a little depressing (thanks, pandemic), at the very least we have The Official List™ of TV shows and movies that were good enough to secure a nomination
We're all patiently waiting for its sequel!
More than two years have passed but we're still not over Crazy Rich Asians. Now we all know we're getting the entirety of Kevin Kwan's beloved trilogy in movie form, but the knowledge of when they&#
Several of them are super famous in France.
Emily In Paris is one of our latest (and biggest, TBH) Netflix obsessions. The series, from TV genius Darren Star (aka the creator of such television masterpieces as Sex And The City, Younger, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Melrose Place-casual, right?) follows
Find out her real outfit inspiration here!
Fashion fans who have watched Netflix's Emily In Paris would have noticed that the show's wardrobe has a slew of similarities with series like Sex And The City, as well as the hit movie The Devil Wears Prada. Well, that'
It's both a very positive sign of the times...and an escapist fantasy that makes survivors feel worse.
Like so many other home-bound Netflix watchers, I inhaled Darren Star's Emily In Paris like a warm, buttery croissant in one Saturday night sitting. Its escapism is the perfect salve for this seemingly endless pandemic. I was enchanted by
We want her life!
As temperatures drop and you know what lingers, Netflix's light-hearted new comedy-drama series Emily in Paris is like a much-needed hug. Released at the start of October, we've already binged all ten episodes about young marketing exec
They'll fill the Lily-Collins-standing-in-front-of-the-Eiffel-Tower-shaped hole in your heart. Promise.
If you already binged your way through the first season of Emily in Paris and need something to fill that candy-colored, perfectly-quirky void in your viewing diet, say, "oui." Did you hear that? It was the sound of a booming
Her apartment location? An unachievable fantasy for anyone under 45.
It takes a special (well, especially deranged) person to upend their life and move to a different country, even without the added chaos of a global pandemic. That's why, when I heard whispers of a new Lily-Collins-moves-to-Paris
And nope, it's actually not as expensive as Emily's designer wardrobe!
There's no denying that fashion was one big factor that fueled our newfound obsession for Netflix's Emily in Paris. The 10-episode series was a visual treat from start to finish, starring Lily Collins as the American Emily Cooper who
Including her Audrey Hepburn-inspired look.
Netflix's new show Emily In Paris has been hotly anticipated for more than a few reasons. Aside from having an incredible cast (hi, Lily Collins) and a picturesque setting (erm, Paris!), the series also delivers more than its fair share
It's everyone's favorite rom-com series right now!
If you, like me, binged Emily In Paris in one sitting, then congratulations! It's time for a re-watch! Netflix's new rom-rom series was our feel-good escape from reality and filled our screens with beautiful Parisian
Season 1 spoilers, but they're worth it.
New Netflix show Emily In Paris may have received a mixed bag of reviews so far, but we really don't think anyone can argue with the fact it's an irresistibly easy watch. Case in point: we're
Bring on Season 2!
You probably spent at least some part of Emily In Paris thinking that Emily, Camille, and Gabriel were headed toward a threesome. Well, you weren't wrong. Although it never comes to fruition, apparently the show's creators always planned
It's the irresistible ~great escape~ everyone in this world needs.
I bring this up whenever I have the chance: Darren Star's Sex And The City was one of the most influential pieces of pop culture I ever consumed as a pre-teen. As a wide-eyed Catholic schoolgirl, I was
Pop your champere!!!
If you're still mourning the end of Sex And The City, then you've probably already binged the first season of Darren Star's latest series, Emily In Paris, which tells the story of a different gorgeous, young,
This show is like if 'SATC' season 6 had a younger cousin.
Whenever someone creates a show as wildly successful as Sex and the City, it's bound to follow them with whatever they do next. That's the deal for Darren Star, who created the now-iconic HBO show. His newest
His name is Lucas Bravo and he is my new celebrity crush.
There's a lot to love about Netflix's new show Emily In Paris. It's the frivolous escape many of us have been craving for months now, and between the amazing clothes, the beautiful setting, and the ever-