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Your employer needs to help out, too.
It's not too much of a conjecture to say that everyone has been under pressure in one form or another in 2020. Many events have turned the world upside down, with COVID-19 being at the forefront of it all.
According to a survey, a lot of people are missing face-to-face contact with their colleagues.
Despite all the Zoom calls, we're sure we can all agree that catching up with your office best friend through a computer isn't the same as getting coffee together in the morning or sharing merienda in the afternoon.
This is an *important* question that came up after the president's speech.
How will the Metro Manila community quarantine, which starts on March 15, affect workers who live outside the metro? Cabinet members have different answers to one of the questions that came up after Pres. Rodrigo Duterte addressed the nation last night, March
Have you received your 13th-month pay?
With Christmas fast approaching, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) reminded employers to release their employees' mandatory 13th-month pay.All rank and file employees are entitled to a mandatory 13th-month pay which is required by Presidential Decree No. 851
These benefits are exempted from income and withholding taxes.
Great news for expectant moms-the expanded maternity leave benefits were declared tax-free by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). In a memo posted last month, the BIR ruled that the salary differential under the Expanded Maternity Leave Law is a
Our country has the fourth lowest overall index value among 37 economies, according to the 2019 Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index.
No matter what stage you are in your career, it's a good idea to think about your retirement plans because no one wants to-or can-work forever. Employers are required by the government to take a portion of their employees'
Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III said it’s too long and that it might lead to illegal contractual agreements.
Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III said he doesn't support the recent proposal to extend the maximum probationary period of workers from six months to two years. "It's too long. That is no longer in keeping with our policy of security
According to an ex-employee.
I've always been curious about the organized chaos of a casino floor. Truthfully, I know very little about what goes on there-I grew up with a protective dad who didn't even want me to play cards because he didn'
It's high time this order was issued.
On August 25, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III signed an order that prohibits employers from forcing their female workers to wear high heels. The order, which covers all industries, was spawned by the complaints of various labor
Ma. Remedios 'Rhem' Pedrano was robbed and shot dead just minutes after she left her home to head to work.
At around 5 a.m. on Tuesday, August 9, Ma. Remedios 'Rhem' Pedrano was robbed and shot dead in West Rembo, Makati City. Pedrano-an employee of Solaire Resort and Casino-had been on her way to work when a man reportedly
Finding the best job for you can be tough to figure out alone. Luckily, there is an event on August 12-13 dedicated to helping you forge your career path.
Hunting for a job? Whether you're a fresh grad looking for your first work experience or an employee seeking greener pastures, attending a job fair is a smart step toward achieving your career goal.This month, is hosting the
Whether she's hard to please or just plain hard to read, there's a way for you to work well with a strict superior. Read on to find out how.
Dealing with a boss you don't get along with can be tough. After all, how can you be productive working from nine to five if you don't feel comfortable with the person you report to? There are many reasons your
If your cubicle flirt-fests are starting to get serious, know the rules and risks that will govern your office affair.
Just like school, the workplace offers countless possibilities of Mr. Maybes and Mr. Rights-as well as Mr. Wrongs. "Office romances are inevitable," says Ottawa-based sex and relationship therapist Sue McGarvie. Obviously, after spending eight to ten hours in the office