Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III said it’s too long and that it might lead to illegal contractual agreements.
Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III said he doesn't support the recent proposal to extend the maximum probationary period of workers from six months to two years. "It's too long. That is no longer in keeping with our policy of security
'A customer threw their food at me while telling me to get a new job.'
You've probably seen a customer being rude to an employee at some point in your life or been at the receiving end of crappy treatment. It's always unacceptable-no matter how hangry you are. There are better ways to handle
Don't beat yourself up about it—it's not always your fault.
What to do next time: Here are 9 things you should check before you hit send (use Times New Roman at your peril!).Not just the line you use to get out of a second Tinder date, as it turns out. If
'They don't usually display an attitude of self-entitlement.'
The tables have turned after the previously fourth ranked Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) topped a survey showing which universities employers preferred to hire graduates from.The survey conducted by JobStreet with 551 companies as participants showed that PUP beat the
Finding the best job for you can be tough to figure out alone. Luckily, there is an event on August 12-13 dedicated to helping you forge your career path.
Hunting for a job? Whether you're a fresh grad looking for your first work experience or an employee seeking greener pastures, attending a job fair is a smart step toward achieving your career goal.This month, is hosting the
Money manners concern even the most successful individuals. Read our guide for figuring out the best way to nab a good payoff.
On the ladder of success, to learn the true value of hard work, you must start from the bottom-no matter who you are, who you know, or what you think you're worth.Determining one's own worth is a subjective
Want to get on the fast track to a prime position in your dream job? Follow the NEW rules for succeeding professionally--some of them may surprise you!
Sure, you're young and maybe a bit inexperienced, but you're also smart, talented, and determined to be a success. Thing is, you may feel that climbing from entry-level newbie to big boss could take, well, years! Which, hello, is
Most of the biggest stars in the world weren't born famous. Find out what celebs like Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, and Diether Ocampo did before the fame.
At some point in your life, you've wondered what it might be like to be famous. You've daydreamed about being a famous actress. You've imagined the kind of life you'd have if you were
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