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'This tattoo reminds me to turn the page and that *I* get to write my story—no one else.'
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Barbie is celebrating International Women's Day (March 8) in the best way possible. The toy brand is honoring female role models by giving them their own "Shero" and "Inspirational Women" dolls. The "Shero" collection already has dolls modeled after ballerina
Right on, Lexi!
A lot of the time, we work hard to conceal our stretch marks, not flaunt them. The norm of embarrassment aside, Lexi Mendiola is brewing in us the courage it takes to say, "there's no more need to hide!"The 23-
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1. The Girls by Emma ClineThe Girls is set in 1960s San Francisco, when Charles Manson went around recruiting women into his cult. It's all about female friendship and the struggle of navigating insecurities and rebellion during puberty. But this is
Who run the world?
An annual survey called the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is in charge of following and tracking entrepreneurial activity worldwide. It's been reported that "female entrepreneurs in the U.S. reported needing only half as much as their male counterparts to start a
'We believe in the ability of women and we want them to play a more active role in the league,' says PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa.
Earlier this month, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) announced that their first ever women referees-Edith Botecario (left in photo below) and Janine Nicandro (right in photo below)-would make their debut in the PBA Governors' Cup.In his statement, PBA commissioner
At 18, Christine Allado left college and moved to HK to follow her dreams. Eight years later, she's performing in London's West End.
Eight years ago, Christine Allado left behind her life in the Philippines to pursue a musical career in Hong Kong. Soon after, she took up Musical Theatre at the Royal Academy of Music and now, Christine is a London-based singer, theatre
Their thoughts on art, sexuality, employment, feminism, and body image issues.
Here are some inspiring TEDx Talks by women from different cultures and industries, just in case you needed a little help to get through the week. 1. Sarah Kay: If I Should Have A Daughter... "If I should have a daughter, instead
The attacker's not playing by the rules, so why should you?
Gab Pangalangan, a certified martial arts instructor under Deftac Pilipinas and the founder of the women's empowerment campaign, Fight Like a Girl, shares his insights on the value of self-defense training as well as easy Jiu-jitsu moves we can
Do you even know the safest seat in a cab? When to fight or flee an attack? A Krav Maga expert gives us survival tips.
It's hard to imagine being attacked, but the truth is, it happens in every corner of the world. It can happen to anyone, without warning, and when you least expect it. Safety measures like avoiding dark alleys and texting someone the
You've been told to quiet down for the boys.
1. You've been considered mataray by most people. Sadly it's the price you pay for pointing out what's wrong with the world. People can't accept what's up so they call you mean instead. It's easier for
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After gaining fame and critical acclaim through hardcore acting in True Grit, Hailee Steinfeld is dipping into the music scene. The journey's been pretty smart and subtle - notice how she's been appearing in more musical roles in movies (Begin Again
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Empowering ads don't always come our way. We're still flooded with ones that objectify women and that portray them as superficial beauty- or weight-obsessed people. The men don't have it easy either, with them being pressured to "be
Are you beach body ready?! Wait. What IS a beach body?
This advert pretty much sums up everything that I despise about how we treat and value women's bodies. phrase "beach body" gets thrown around a lot these days, especially since it's summer and beach getaways are
Be proactive about protecting yourself from a potential sexual assault.
Hopefully, you'd never have to deal with these pointers, but it's always better to be prepared and empowered if you find yourself in the following situations:WHEN YOU'RE UNDER THE THREAT OF RAPE...Be assertive. If you feel threatened,
As we celebrate International Women's Day, think back on the person who shaped who you are today: your younger self.
As we celebrate the achievements of women around the world, we encourage you to recall your younger self. Chances are, as a young woman, you felt carefree, you focused primarily on yourself, and you rarely censored your thoughts or actions. The whole
Let these strong songstresses support you through your heartache and help you deal with the different relationship woes that have plagued us all.
When you want to ease your pain, but can't find the words that would do that, there's only one thing to do: Listen to music. Sure, you could go through the alternative recovery techniques (i.e. watch a feel-good
Single...and loving it! Celebrate your independence and listen to these fierce songs by music's most fearless females.
So you've finally broken up with that guy who didn't treat you the way you deserved, and listened to all the break up songs your wounded heart could possibly take. Or maybe you've been single since
Feeling sorry for yourself in a sticky sitch? Cosmo shows you how NOT to feel powerless.