Don't let <i>nega</i> vibes get the best of you. We'll teach you how to transform your unpleasant emotions into something positive.
We've all heard that old saying about turning fate's lemons into lemonade. In our modern lives, this would translate to catching up on chick lit at the airport while waiting for endlessly delayed stormy-weather flights, turning a former potted
Understand what goes on behind other twosomes' closed doors, so you'd realize how good you have it--and not feel the need to compare your union to theirs.
William and Kate. Brad and Angelina. Derek and Angelica. Your BFF and her perfect boyfriend. You see another couple and you can't help it: You wonder what their sex life is like, how they act at home, and if they're
Are you the kind of girl who always lusts after the things she doesn't have? Find out!
Are you jealous of your friends or the people around you? Cosmo gives you five ways to get over your <em>inggit</em>.
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