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Seemingly SFW, but actually not.
If you've ever found yourself not-so-subtly leafing through a novel to bookmark the next steamy sex scene, you're probably into erotica. Sometimes it's your imagination is better at getting you going than actually looking at sweaty bodies,
Three words: Deus Sex Machina.
How often do you think about sex? Or talk about sex? Do you joke about it with friends, officemates, even complete strangers?I'm going to be honest with you. I think about sex. A lot. I think about sexual tension when
"I witnessed a woman being ripped to shreds on a public forum."
Following the train wreck of a Twitter Q&A with Fifty Shades of Grey writer E.L. James, The Frisky reached out to some erotica writers to get their opinions. James was bombarded with everything from jokes about her questionable writing skills
There is more to erotica than just Fifty Shades Of Grey.
Now that those evenings alone are beginning to get chillier than usual, it might be best to spend your solidarity in the company of a hot piece of literature. Reading stimulates the imagination, and what better way to titillate the mind than
<i>Grey</i>-shippers, rejoice! Focus Features officially announced the movie release date of erotic bestseller, <i>Fifty Shades of Grey</i>.
We're going fifty shades of cray!We still have a full year's wait, but we couldn't help but bite our lip in anticipation of the erotic novel's movie release.Thanks to good old social media stalking, we found
'Sinayaw ng inner goddess ko ang dance of the seven veils.'
When we heard that EL James' 50 Shades of Grey was translated in Filipino by Precious Hearts Romances Pocketbooks, we laughed it off. There's no way the erotic bestseller can be translated properly in our language-can you even say "nipple