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All. Over. The. World.
You guys, I've got important news, and it's going to make your Pinoy heart super proud. Pinterest reports that searches for ylang-ylang oil-yes, oil derived from the plant that's literally everywhere in the Philippines-
For anyone who needs a more optimistic outlook.
When it comes to stress, every person has a way of coping. But if your usual tactics aren't working, what else can you do? One way to add a little more positivity in your life is by making sure that
Learn about its glorious healing powers!
You've heard of the skincare benefits of argan and virgin coconut oil, but you probably have yet to try frankincense (even if it's been a part of your home's Christmas manger scene for years). Frankincense, in
It's quite clever, TBH.
There are days when we wonder if our country is right next to the sun because the weather can be unforgivingly scorching. But we have lives to live, and however warm it may be, we have to go outside to get to
Make these potions work for you!
Essential oils have been around for a while, and have been known to do wonders when properly added to skincare regimens in the right doses. For them to work, you'll need to first know the basics and the safety precautions
Essential oils have plenty of uses—from health and stress management to skincare!
While you're probably already familiar with essences and beauty oils, there's another trendy elixir that should be on your radar: essential oils. Similar to other extracts, essential oils or EOs are scented liquids obtained from plants.What makes them different