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Including the LBD, of course.
When laziness strikes, count on a dress to make putting an outfit together a breeze. Here are five designs that should be staples in every closet:VIDEO: Trina Elefante and Jean Saturnino. STYLING: Celina Dayacap. HAIR: Marie V. Tan. MAKEUP: Tin Albano
Complete your wardrobe with these pieces.
1. The feminine full skirt The perfect style to wear to a romantic date! Pair the full midi with a slim off-shoulder top or a ruffled blouse.Floral midi skirt, P1,780, Apartment 82. The casual denim mini A piece that'
Style staples that you and your guy can wear!
Possibly the first commercial retailer to do so, Zara has released a line of non-gender specific wardrobe pieces that work for girls and guys, Elle reports. The collection launched without much fanfare, simply popping up on the store's website under
Options are everything!
1. The Plain White Tee Every girl's best friend on DGAF days! You can't get any more versatile than this. T-shirt, P299.75, Bench 2. The Girly Blouse It's kind of ridiculous how quickly a look can go
Eliminates the process of matching tops and bottoms!
1. The Classic LBDYes, it may come off safe and uninspired, but you'll be surprised at the number of events you can wear the LBD to. Think of it as a blank canvas that changes its appearance based on the accessories
You won't be happy with the results at all.
After a long day, plopping in bed seems a more inviting option than going to the bathroom to wash your face. But did you know that this nasty habit can have repercussions that are hard to undo and repair? Read on to
Find out what this superstar can't live without when it comes to inner and outer beauty!
No matter how many times the ever-alluring Anne Curtis makes an appearance in Cosmo, we never run out of things to admire about her. With her undeniable wit, charm, and bubbly personality, she's always fun to interview and photograph! And
We raided our July cover girl's bag during her shoot! Check out the beauty must-haves that keep her looking gorgeous all the time.
Heart Evangelista is one kikay girl. You can see it from her studded statement ring down to her polka-dotted iPhone case.To prove her affinity for all things kikay, the lovely Kapuso star let us peek into her roomy Hermes bag
Former Bond girl and Fil-Brit actress Rachel Grant lets us see the must-haves that fill her Ed Hardy bag.
Not many women can claim to have been a Bond girl, with all the badass bombshell cred it brings. Recently, we got to meet one of those fortunate femmes, Fil-Brit actress Rachel Grant.Rachel had her breakthrough role as a Chinese
Don't risk leaving any of these must-have items behind! Use this checklist to take the stress out of preparing for a glorious weekend getaway--like during this five-day break!
1. Two fabulous bikinis2. A sarong or beach wrap3. An oversized lightweight scarf for covering up at dinner4. A sexy tank dress made of jersey material5. Four pairs of underwear, and a light and dark bra (one strapless)6. One pair of
Our stunning April cover girl shows us her daily must-haves, from high-end cosmetics and designer accessories to religious tokens.
Marian Rivera makes a Cosmo comeback, as she graces our cover for the fourth time this month. You've seen her in a sexy, skin-baring monokini on the April cover, but now we're giving you a peek at the simple
Learn how to keep your face, body, and hair in excellent shape this year by following these expert tips and product recommendations.
While a lot of people may veer from making resolutions to change themselves for the better, since they never get to keep them anyway, there's one resolution you can and must keep: to take better care of your skin and hair.
The gorgeous model (and one of Cosmo's 8 Sexiest) shares with us the many essentials she packs in her <i>maleta</i> for fashion shoots.
Vanessa Matsunaga isn't one of the country's top models for nothing: The Brazilian-Japanese stunner is in demand for fashion editorials, runway shows, print ads, and TV commercials. Daniel's big sis has all these shoots in the bag--literally.
If the dance diva/host/actress/fashion designer/entrepreneur can look great everyday despite her busy sched, you can, too! Learn her secrets.
When you've got a busy work sched, trying to finish everything before the holiday break, on top of all the last-minute holiday gift and outfit shopping for parties, it's easy to find an excuse to look haggard and not
Our December 2011 cover girl gives you an exclusive look at the daily essentials of a pop star!
Well-loved singer and actress Sarah Geronimo is the perennial good girl of showbiz. She's been in the industry for eight years and has maintained her solid reputation as a show-stopping performer and blockbuster queen. You always see her in
One of Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models for 2011 showed us what's inside the Kenneth Cole hobo bag she brought with her to this month's fashion ed shoot.
The general impression most people have of models is that their job is all fun, extravagant, and easy to do. But, there is a lot more to modeling than meets the eye, as PMAP model Ana Sideco will be quick to point
The nation's sweetheart and June 2011 Cosmo cover girl shows us the girly essentials she brings along in her lust-worthy Chanel hobo bag.
When we caught up with Heart Evangelista at her cover shoot for this month's issue, we were immediately charmed by her sweet and approachable demeanor. It's no wonder her Brapanese boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga is crazy about her; the Dwarfina and
The 2011 Fun Fearless Female awardee and celeb stylist responsible for countless fab looks shows us what she carries with her on a regular work day!
Styling for fashion magazines and celebrities is not as glamorous as you think it is. It involves spending long hours in the mall and in stores, contemplating just the right pieces to pull out for a particular shoot or person, bringing these's fashion and beauty columnist shares with us the useful and <i>affordable</i> things she keeps in her satchel.
She's a PMAP model and image consultant. She graduated from the Make-Up Designory in Los Angeles and is now a local makeup expert. She hosts the TV show F.A.S.H.: Fashion and Style Hub on the Lifestyle Network (
Get an exclusive peek inside the bag of another member of the Cosmo team! The magazine's deputy managing ed shows us the practical items she brings to work everyday.
Cosmo deputing managing editor Camyl Besinga has been very open with us about her life. She writes stories about her married life in her monthly editors' blog Miss Taken. She's shared with Cosmo readers her wedding and honeymoon photos and discussed