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And no, you don't have to lift your damn pinky finger.
Every time I drink tea (which isn't often), I feel so ~fancy~ that before I know it, my pinky finger is up, and I'm speaking in a British accent (just kidding). But apparently, that's not a
There is a very complicated system for pooping.
In terms of adhering to social norms, few places are as stringent as a public bathroom. Making eye contact with a stranger or accidentally bumping someone might elicit a fumbling apology on say, a crowded subway car, but in a public bathroom,
The last thing you want is to come across as bastos, right?
1. Don't forget to follow the proper chopstick etiquette. Have you ever wondered why restaurants come with chopstick holders? It's because sticking your chopsticks in your bowl of rice and leaving them standing up is a huge no-no. The
It's going to be a looong flight.
The Atat BoarderFor the most part, flights have reserved seats now. It's mind-boggling why people still attempt to board when it's not their turn yet. Plus, the crew checks each ticket, and asks you to step aside when your
10/10 would roll my eyes.
1. When people rush in without letting you get off the elevator first.And then they have the audacity to get mad when you try to get out. COME ON.2. When everybody refuses to move back (where there's so much
Are flats acceptable at a formal event?
1. If you must, you may wear flats to a formal event.While dress codes dictate that you must wear heels to an event, there's nothing more unsightly than a woman wearing shoes she can't walk in-it would be
Other than not wearing white, of course
It's important to hop aboard the good manners train when you're attending a wedding. What you do can majorly affect someone else's big day, and you just really don't want to ruin the mood. Here are nine things
Attending a fancy dinner party soon?
Growing up, you probably learned basic table manners like chewing quietly with your mouth closed-although some cultures favor the opposite-or never placing your elbows on the table. But how much do you really know about proper dining etiquette? Even if
As a foreigner, make it a point to respect local customs.
Etiquette exists for a reason, and as tourists visiting a different city, it's our responsibility to adhere to certain societal norms. Don't feign ignorance-it's a quick way to insult your hosts and other locals around you. But aside
And that doing so is not proper etiquette.
Japan is known for having many social conventions and imposing various behavioral rules, and this recent one concerns just about any person who wears cosmetics regularly. An etiquette video by railway operator Tokyu Corp. tells off women who apply their makeup on
Manners matter. Important firsts in our life--first date, first-time sex, even breakup--require proper decorum, too.
YOU'RE ABOUT TO HAVE YOUR FIRST DATE WITH YOUR OFFICE CRUSHObserving good manners doesn't only impress your date, it also shows how much you respect him. "In the process of striving for balance in their relationships, many single people are