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~Worldwide Handsome~ indeed!
Hello, ARMYs! Today, let's go on a trip down memory lane: Did you know that BTS' Jin once modeled for the Korean beauty brand Etude House? It happened in the same year as BTS' debut, but just a few months
Being at home is not an excuse to skip this skincare essential.
We can't say it enough: wear sunscreen, even if you're just indoors! Yes, even if you're just working from home, in front of a computer like the rest of us. So here's another article
A roundup of only the best creamy formulas!
We've always been fans of Korean lip trends and their products! From the popular popsicle or ombré look to the natural tint finish, us Pinays have been sporting them for quite some time now. Well, we're here to introduce
For lashes that will someday be *almost* like the KarJenners'.
For the sake of achieving lush, thick lashes, I am willing to try anything. Case in point: I've already gotten an eyelash perm, tried castor oil, and had my eyelids poked with needles. While I loved all of those methods,
Here are the tinted and clear brow mascaras you can locally buy!
Ever since Glossier released Boy Brow, the clear or colored brow mascara has developed a huge following for being able to tint, set, and naturally fluff up the look of both sparse and thick eyebrows.Unfortunately, Boy Brow isn't locally
Let there be bright! ;)
How to know if a cleanser can brighten your skin: Either a) It literally says "brightening" on the label, or, b) it has any of these ingredients: Kojic acid, vitamin C, or niacinamide.Because we understand that it can be tedious to
It will take you back to your childhood!
In case you haven't heard, 2019 is the Year of the Pig-that means we'll probably be seeing lots of cute pig-themed things in stores throughout the year. Makeup junkies are in for a treat because Etude
Undeniably, the painless and affordable way to get feathery brows.
Microblading could be the semi-permanent solution to repairing over-tweezed brows or defining barely-there kilay. Unfortunately, the said procedure is expensive and can be a bit painful to go through.Worry not, though. You can still get the feathery, bushy
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Give the 7-skin method a shot with these.
Korean women are currently singing praises for the "7 skin method," a beauty trend that requires you to layer a toner or a lightweight essence seven times in a row. It's a good alternative to heavy creams and serums, since
Ma Dong-seok is the cushion compact ajusshi of our hearts.
We all know Ma Dong-seok as the gruff but loveable passenger in Train to Busan, but we never knew he also moonlights as a beauty sales associate, LOL! The Korean actor joins Etude House endorser Krystal Jung of f(x) in
Check out 19 new products you can try in a new beauty store branch that will make you feel like a pop princess. It's like a candy store for beauty-loving college gals!
By now, we're sure a lot of college chicks among you have become fans of Korean makeup brands, especially if they're as prettily packaged as those you can find in Etude House. Everything they sell seem like a cuter, jazzed
The K-Pop star shows many different sides of herself with these fun and versatile summer makeup looks.
Last month, we introduced Korean pop group 2NE1's Sandara Park as the new face of Korean makeup brand Etude House. We showed you photos of the former ABS-CBN talent search star debuting the new Miss Tangerine collection of neon shades
For all the upcoming Christmas parties you will attend, stand out in bold hues that characterize this season's trendiest makeup.
Getting all dolled up is part of every Cosmo chick's routine--especially when it's party season, like the fast-approaching Christmas season. It's fun to try out different looks so you will look fabulously unique for every
At the grand launch of Etude House, we asked these fashionable gals how much they spend on beauty products monthly.
We women love beauty products! Sometimes, we just can't get enough, can we? But beauty comes at a price. Thankfully, we don't always have to blow our budget for vanity, especially when there are lots of affordable brands now that
One thing all Asians seem to have in common is their gorgeous skin. Get the best of Korean beauty from head to toe with these great picks!
You've probably seen Koreanovelas like Boys Over Flowers and Full House, or maybe you're a fan of K-Pop bands like Wonder Girls (of "Nobody" fame), 2NE1 (Sandara Park's all-girl band), and Girls' Generation. You don't have
Natural beauty is all about glowing from within. To achieve that, take care of your skin. Treat yourself to our new crop of skin care loot.
Have you ever noticed how some women-not just artistas, mind-are just so beautiful, even when they barely have any makeup on? They might have a touch of mascara on their lashes, maybe the slightest bit of blush, or a little held its first ever eyeball for online members, and the gals, of course, came dressed to the nines. See how some of them glammed up for the night.
The first ever Fun Fearless Eyeball, held last May 19 at Fuel Bar in The Fort, was a huge success. The 70 most active members who won our promo were in for a memorable night out! See highlights from the
Fighting signs of aging should start when you're in your 20s. Check out Cosmo's product picks for keeping your skin young-looking and gorgeous--LONGER.