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Here's what you need to know about plant care when it comes to aloe vera.
If you're into skincare, then aloe vera needs no introduction. Plenty of skincare products contain aloe because its natural cooling properties reduce skin inflammations that occur for people with acne or eczema. It's also in soothing gels used
A great way to start if you want to develop a green thumb.
Succulents are known for being low-maintenance. They have thick leaves, which makes it easier for them to store water; this means you don't have to be paranoid that they're not getting enough of it. In the succulent group alone,
It's actually a simple and easy process!
We Pinoys are obsessed with underarm care. We aim to score flawless pits-smooth, even-toned, and odor-free. Whenever we hit the beauty aisle at the department store (or probs the body care category when online shopping), we're greeted
They're the ~pop of color~ your indoor garden needs.
Hello there! If you've grown a green thumb during the quarantine as a way of coping with these uncertain times, you're not alone. Did you know that they are actually good for your mental health? Other than keeping
For anyone thinking about upgrading their favorite room with a little greenery.
If there's anything we've learned during quarantine, it's that being around plants can do so much good for your overall well-being. In fact, one study found that it can reduce stress. Another study says that
Use this guide on types of indoor plants to help you decide.
Ever since quarantine began, more and more people have been turning to plants-turning even small spaces like the bathroom into an indoor garden. It always starts with a cute succulent or a plant that can survive in a low-light environment
Gentle and effective.
Simple, mild, effective-those are the three words that could best describe Dear Klairs' lineup. The K-beauty brand takes pride in providing products made with ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin but can address the most common skincare concerns.
So dainty!
There are tons of designs you can choose from for your very first tattoo, but we're very much into the ~delicate~ ones. There's not much shading involved and it won't hurt as much since the procedure
Did you know that there are *thousands* of different species of orchids?
The first time I ever fully understood the beauty of orchids was when I went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens where over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids are displayed. That doesn't even scratch the surface, though: According
There can never be too much lavender.
There's no denying that many people love lavender. Some rely on lavender essential oil to get some much needed shut-eye at night. It can also be used in different food and beverages. And when dried flowers became a quarantine trend,
Only tried-and-tested finds here.
Acne scars come in different forms. Sometimes, they're flat, red spots that still look like zits from afar. Then, there are instances when they appear like deep dents on the face. If you want to get rid of them, you must
'Lalaki lang siya, matuto kang mabuhay para sa sarili mo.'
Longtime couple Agnes (Lea Salonga) and Jerry (Aga Muhlach) already have plans to get married when Agnes takes a long vacation to San Francisco, USA, to be with her estranged mother. Naive Agnes is fully dependent on Jerry, even when it comes
These will give your skin a ~healthy glow~!
No matter how simple or complex your skincare routine is, one thing that you should never scrimp on is sunscreen. Slapping on some SPF will not only protect your complexion from the sun's harsh UV rays, but it will also
Tip: Always be careful with what you apply to your skin.
We've been seeing a lot of skin rejuvenating sets being sold online and reviews of people who used it and saw great results. These promise to treat breakouts, smoothen out skin texture, and fade acne scars. The kit is usually
It's not yet the end of the world!
Losing a few strands as you brush your tresses or take a shower is perfectly normal, but when you begin to shed a more significant amount or you notice that they aren't growing back, that's when it becomes
Is it worth the hype?
Collagen is naturally found in our bodies. If you want to get technical, it composes 75 percent of our skin! It acts like a glue that keeps our complexions looking firm and youthful. The lack of it makes our skin weak and
K-drama actor and K-pop idol Cha Eun Woo has been making all of us *fall in love* with his onscreen characters since 2016! I mean, who can resist those sweet, puppy dog eyes of his? He has played the role
They've all gained so much success in three short years!
2017 marked the year when Fight For My Way aired. It was a heart-tugging coming-of-age drama that centered around the lives of four best friends in their mid-20s: a former taekwondo champ with a traumatic past, a big
In case you don't feel like getting on the floor in the middle of a routine.
Screenshot this for future reference!
Getting a tattoo is in the bucket list of many people, but the one factor that's holding them back from booking that appointment is the *pain* level. Of course, pain is subjective and everyone's tolerance varies. Another important