Including how to make it from scratch.
Korean food has a special place in my heart-as I'm sure is true for many of you. Whether I want to celebrate or need to comfort myself, more often than not, it happens at a Korean restaurant. And it's
Definitely kikay kit must-haves!
It's no secret that Pinays are obsessed with having flawless brows. We always hear them say, "mawala na ang lahat, huwag lang ang kilay" or the iconic "kilay is life." Because of this demand, there's a bunch of
For example, THAT scene with THAT telephone pole in 'Hereditary.'
The horror genre is really fascinating. While we usually think of ghosts and supernatural beings when we think of scary films, there are some which get the "horror" factor from ~explicit~ violence, blood, and murder. The thing about these movies is that
Can your rice be a little more ~extra~?
Wasting food is a big no-no! So, when it comes to leftover cooked rice, you can make a sulit move by turning it into fried rice! There are plenty of ways to add flavor to plain rice. You can mix in
~An investigation.~
It's no secret that K-beauty has taken over our lives. We decided to take a deep dive to find out why Pinays love Korean makeup looks and their products so much. Below, the results of our ~investigation~ and the
You'll want to jump out of bed just to try these recipes, I swear.
Pancakes are a fancy breakfast staple! And when they're fluffy AF, you know it's going to be a good day. Treat yourself to these delicious fluffy pancake recipes: Master the art of fluffing with this basic pancake recipe! Source: TastyThese
Sawa ka na ba sa usual sinangag? Try these easy recipes!
There comes a time when you find yourself with some leftover rice and you're just not in the mood for the good old sinangag. If you want something with a bit (or a lot) of spice, try kimchi fried rice
Sebum? We don't know her.
Aside from niacinamide, sulfur, and clay, another popular ingredient that keeps grease at bay is charcoal. It acts like a magnet to draw out impurities from your pores, leaving you with a matte and clear complexion. If you're ready to
Pinays share tips on how they deal when it all becomes too much.
No matter how organized you are or how put together your life is, stress (and the things that cause it) still finds a way to creep in. Everybody experiences some level of stress; while this is normal, it's also completely possible
Let’s brocc and roll. (I’m sorry.)
I'm letting you know ahead of time that this article is really just a tribute to my favorite vegetable of all time: broccoli. The best thing about this underrated veggie is the crunch! It adds a whole new dimension to any
Lagi ka na lang ba napupuyat? This one's for you.
Before binge-watching another K-drama, don't forget to consider your bedtime schedule. Sleeping early and getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep will do you good. It improves your mood and makes you productive at work. Fixing our
Save these pegs for later! ;)
By definition, a blunt cut has the absence of layers. This type of haircut is snipped straight across, which creates a razor-sharp edge. This single-length finish then produces a sleek look for short hairstyles-this is the major reason blunt
There's one for everybody!
Toner is often skipped because we think that this bottle won't do a lot for our skin. But not everyone knows that toner is essential in prepping our complexions for the next steps. Plus, it helps treat our current skincare
Give yourself a ~glow job~.
Gone were the days when the only chance you could get a facial massage was at a spa. Now, there are so many skincare tools and massagers you can buy online to upgrade your at-home self-care sessions. These devices are
It's more than just your favorite drink.
Whenever we hear green tea, we often think of our favorite dessert or usual Starbucks order. But did you know that this superfood is also beneficial for our complexions? It's a powerful antioxidant that can soothe irritation and redness and
Say hello to a youthful, radiant complexion!
Of the many ingredients used in the beauty industry, there is nothing more popular and sought-after than collagen. The market is heavily saturated with it, too-from skincare products to supplements. They all promise to grant you a supple, bouncy, and
Your search for the perfect facial wash ends here.
Exploring the world of skincare is scary when you have sensitive skin. You're afraid to try out new things lest you wake up with a huge pimple or a rash the next morning. This is why when you find something
You won’t be disappointed.
Before the enhanced community quarantine was implemented, your Instagram feed was filled with food shots from everyone's favorite restaurants. These days, you can barely go through one full scroll without seeing someone's take on banana bread. Why is that? One
And how to properly execute them.
When it comes to upper body workouts, a lot of people turn to gym equipment to target specific areas or muscles-but those aren't always available. And if you work in front of a computer all day (like I do),
Did you know that you use your chest muscles for a lot of everyday tasks?
Think about the last time you rearranged your room. Maybe you moved your bed closer to the window or you decided to shift the furniture so that the closet was in a different corner. You probably didn't notice that you
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