There's a lot you need to know before getting inked.
Gone are the days when men and women were shamed for getting tattoos. Today, people have more freedom with how much (or how little) they want to ~*decorate*~ their bodies. Unlike ear piercings, haircuts, and hair colors, though, tattoos can last forever (
Is 2019 the year you finally visit Batanes? (HARD YES.)
The Batanes islands aren't the easiest to get to. Planning the trip almost takes as much effort as heading to another country. But considering how unlike the rest of the Philippines its landscape, climate, and culture are, it might as well
Because we're suckers for good thrillers and hot vamps.
If you think Korean dramas are just all about complicated love lines and poor-girl-rich-guy tropes, we'd say you probably haven't tried the right one for your tastebuds yet. There's a K-drama for
Was staying in a pod for more than hour *really* relaxing?
When I was offered a chance to try a saltwater float at Float Manila, I immediately said yes-even if I only had a vague idea of what the treatment was. The words "saltwater float" conjured up an image of myself lying
A good mix of food and fun.
A two-hour ride north away from Manila and you'll find yourself in the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. While the province boasts a number of cuisines and delicacies that have become national sensations, it has much more to offer other
It’s only a three-hour car ride away from the metro.
Mention Bataan to anyone and the first thing that will come to mind is how it's played a big role during World War II. Although Bataan is, in fact, rich in history, it's also the perfect destination for anyone who
Our hearts are full of love, sweat, and gratitude!
Indoor cycling (aka spinning) is a low-impact cardio and strength exercise using a stationary bike. The workout originated in the US and was first brought to the Philippines in 2015 by Kris Sy, CEO, co-founder, and instructor at Electric Studio,
Be amazed by its natural wonders, history, and culture.
The Philippines is undoubtedly known for its world class beaches. But whereas most locals and visitors gravitate to heavy-hitters like El Nido and Boracay in the Visayas, Luzon also has gorgeous beaches of its own. One such stunner is the white-
Here are some expert tips on how to fight breakouts and excess shine.
Let's talk about oily skin. It all starts out as a breeding ground for acne during your teenage years. Once you reach your 20s and the pimples clear up, it continues to be an oil production hub that no amount
Spoiler: I'm no angel, but this face powder got my skin to look like one.
Loose face powder is something that never appealed to me because I found it messy to use. Why opt for a powder that can easily spill when there's a compact, pressed version, right? But when SkinPotions came out with Glowdust,
Find the most flattering color for YOU!
Admit it: Your makeup collection has become pretty difficult to navigate because of your numerous lipsticks, face powders, and eyebrow products. If we were to guess the one product you might not have a lot of, though, we'd go with
We wore the products during an exercise class to find out!
Kathryn Bernardo's first collaboration with local beauty brand Happy Skin was a huge success. The Generation Happy Skin line was always sold out, and fans and beauty enthusiasts couldn't seem to get enough of it. This is why
Featuring the oppas who give the sexiest lip locks on cam!
Aside from sweeping confessions of love and epic plot twists, there's one scene every K-drama fan looks forward to: The kiss. Don't you just love how they catch you off guard? Or hate it when they'
Thank god for girl friends!
We start with a flashback, a rose-colored-glasses look at Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) and Nate's (LaKeith Stanfield) relationship before we are quickly let in on the fact that they've broken up. Jenny is a mess, her mascara
These eyeshadow palettes are all WORTH IT!
Eyeshadow is one of those makeup products we don't use on a daily basis. Why would we need an extra product when our lip tints, blushes, and lipsticks can double as lid colors, right? But when we're ~*in
I've noticed some things that have left me, a self-identifying feminist, feeling a bit of discomfort.
I never imagined myself becoming a K-drama viewer. I've always preferred Western shows that feature flawed and complex characters, and I couldn't see myself going from Breaking Bad to a cutesy K-drama. But after being assigned
The film is based on a One Direction fanfiction!
Sheltered good girl Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) leaves her home for college, where she gets exposed to parties, drinking, drugs, and sex. She meets Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin), a bad boy with a surprising affinity for classic literature. The unlikely pair
Warning: Serious #FOMO up ahead.
We may have experienced some downpours lately, but there's no doubt that the summer heat is still in full effect and it makes us extra eager to pack our bags and jet off somewhere. When it comes to wanderlust, there
Anyone down for an adventure?
Cagayan de Oro isn't tagged as the "City of Golden Friendship" for nothing. Besides the fact that Kagay-anons are extremely friendly and hospitable, most of the tourist spots and activities in the city are best enjoyed with the company of
This city in Ilocos Sur is perfect for history buffs and foodies alike.
As one of the best preserved Spanish colonial towns in the world, Vigan has a unique charm that anyone would be attracted to. You might not see much of its classic architecture and matching cobblestoned streets elsewhere in the country. Plus, there
It's time to meet some ~not-so-spooky~ ghosts!
There's such a great variety of Korean dramas out there! They've got one-of-a-kind medical dramas, dramas about North and South Korea, gender bender series, and even shows about time travel!Are you familiar with dramas
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