Your ultimate guide to multiple ear piercings is here.
Remember when we said piercings are officially the coolest accessory you can get this year? Well, it's showing no signs of dying down any time soon. It seems like all your favorite influencers and celebs are getting not just one,
No need to bug your barkada group chat anymore!
Sometimes, the hardest part of taking pictures for the 'gram isn't finding the perfect location or getting the right pose, but thinking of a caption that can best describe your photo without saying too much or too little. You
There is hope with this all-natural ingredient!
Any girl who deals with pimples knows that finding the right product to combat them (and get rid of them permanently) is never an easy feat. How and why do they even pop up even though we've babied our skin to
It takes three steps to get rid of bad breath.
There's a difference with some bit of bad breath in the a.m. and having round the clock halitosis. Although certain food items are the culprit behind this oral dilemma, a person's dental environment can also be at fault. Like
Pair these with milk and you're all set.
When it comes to desserts, cookies have a special place in our hearts for many reasons. It's the perfect bite for when you just want something sweet after a hearty meal. It can change your mood after a looong meeting
We just want to look like our fave K-idol, TBH.
Fact: We turn to Koreans to serve as our guide and inspo for a lot of things, from makeup to fashion, and a whole lot more. This time, we're focusing on ~hairstyles~. Raise your hand if you've ever
One word: Delicious.
When you think of where to go to rediscover Metro Manila's vibrant food scene, it's most likely that you first think of Makati, Quezon City, or BGC. But the South also has lots to offer, especially Paranaque City. BF Homes,
Your ultimate guide to the best no-makeup look essentials is here.
You'll never go wrong with the no-makeup look. You're just enhancing what you've got, but you still look like yourself! Plus, whatever the occasion is, your makeup will always be appropriate. It's also
Explore water parks, waterfalls, and more, with these mini adventures.
Nothing says summer adventure like hopping into a car, bus, or plane with your backpack, sunscreen, and desire for a change of scenery. The reward for this openness to discovering something new is that we almost always do! So, if you're
These products that will make you go 'Sana Oil!'
Haircare isn't just about selecting the right shampoo and conditioner. It also doesn't end with using a hair mask or getting a hair treatment each week. The cornerstone of great locks is to use products that will keep them healthy
Budget doesn’t have to mean cheap.
Ortigas Center is best known as one of Metro Manila's main business districts. This area is not only home to some of the country's most successful and prestigious companies, but it's also home to dozens of shopping malls, restaurants,
Get ~permanent~ mementos of your love for each other.
When getting tattooed, we're often advised not to get anything related to your partner in case you break up and you're left with a painful (and permanent) reminder of your relationship. If you and your boo, however, are
Where to get the best drinks and bar chow this side of the Metro.
First of all, welcome home! Now that you're back, it's time to meet up with your Day Ones. When it comes to nights out with the squad, Quezon City usually doesn't get a lot of love. Although
Ganda lang!
You know that feeling when you took a selfie and you thought you looked so cute that you had to share it? We do, too! While some haters would say that posting selfies is a GGSS move, we think otherwise-it'
I’m not saying you and your friends have to eat here, but you HAVE to eat here.
La Union is on every twentysomething's road trip bucket list. Whether you're in it for the waves, the partying, or just the vibe away from the city, the long drive to this surf spot is a must. But La
North peeps, hear us out.
We may never hear the end of the great north vs. south debate-you know the one. But regardless of whether you're a north kid that refuses to go anywhere beyond Makati, or a south kid always making an effort to
Get your microphones ready!
It's no secret that Filipinos love to sing. Whether it's in the shower or while on the road, Filipinos are always ready to belt out a tune. So it should come as no surprise that karaoke bars, or KTVs as
Yes, there are *naughty* cakes on this list.
Cakes are always present in most of life's important celebrations: birthdays, baptisms, engagement parties, and weddings. Essentially, they symbolize entering a new chapter of one's life. This means it's a good idea to order a cake for your bestie'
Siargao musts, from wholesome power bowls to alcohol-absorbing sisig.
Siargao, dubbed the surfing capital of the Philippines, boasts more than the world-class waves, beaches, and turquoise waters-the island is also home to one of the most bustling, exciting food scenes in the country. The island champions a culture of
Who's ready to leave the city and head to the beach?
With summer just around the corner, it's time to start planning your next VL. And what better way to beat the heat than to spend a few days on the breezy shores of the West Philippine Sea. Just a few hours
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