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Shout out to my ex.
Not that you needed a reminder, but there are tons of reasons why you should block your ex: They're toxic; they cheated on you; you've drunk-texted them multiple times. And of course, the most important reason of all: You
Two words: 'Hu u?'
Depending on how your previous relationship ended, even when you're the happiest, most content person rn, sometimes, the mind slips and your ex suddenly pops in your head. If you didn't get any closure, you probably relive the
I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex?
In a perfect world, we'd all think of our breakups like Ariana Grande-with enough gratitude to write a hit song about the lessons we've learned. But if the only thing your good-for-nothing ex has taught
If living well is the best revenge, is it wrong to 'gram it?
As much as I hate to give crappy men credit, some of the healthiest life changes I've made have been brought on by my breakups. One pushed me to branch out and actively seek more friendships; another one got me
It's going to happen eventually: You will see him. It is written in the stars. He may be with a new girlfriend-or boyfriend (you never know)-or he may not be with anyone at all. While it's true that
Lovin' our October hunk? Brace yourself for more of him. On his second week, our sexy vampire spills some secrets.