Are your friends dying to meet the hot guy you've been seeing? Read these rules before ringing up the <i>barkada</i>.
1. Wait until you're exclusive.There's no "right" time frame for introducing a guy to your friends, but his boyfriend status should be firmly in place.2. Don't make it a double date with your friend and her boyfriend.
From gorgeous cover girls to hunky Centerfolds, we present to you the most popular exclusive vids on CosmoTV!
There's so much that goes on behind the scenes of that it's almost impossible to keep track of all the exciting events. We try our best to document all the key happenings, from photo shoots to parties, to had a little chat with the hot actor and Cosmo Centerfold. He told us about his recent trip to South Africa and favorite convo topic, among others.
See exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our shoot with the sexy swimmer and up-and-coming actor who is Cosmo's Man On Fire for March.
The stunning young actress graces the cover of this month's HOT Issue. Check out our behind-the-scenes coverage!
Our February 2010 cover girl is not <em>selosa, </em>as she declared in this Cosmo video. Whatever caused their breakup is immaterial now. <a href=""></a> reports she and Derek are back together.
Watch the Grammy-nominated pianist talk about music, romance and working with Pinoy talents.
She moves on from doing cutesy roles (and being <em>just </em>Francis M.'s daughter) to becoming a serious actress.
The superstar goes fun and fearless as she chats with Cosmo about things she loves--including, you got it, MEN.
From home-made clips to music stardom, Marie Digby makes her way into the limelight.
Kristine Hermosa is back in the limelight, where she truly belongs.
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