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The boys are working harder than ever to achieve their goal.
As a fan who grew up in the second generation of K-pop, I'm amazed at how the industry has evolved through the years. It has grown so much that we're now seeing the rise of fourth-generation
'It is so special to me that the show’s creators were able to incorporate my heritage into the character.'
Jana Morrison has guts-literally. In the teaser trailer for Astrid & Lilly Save The World, a brand-new science fiction comedy-drama television series, Jana and her co-star Samantha Aucoin are seen elbows deep in monster guts, sharing sarcastic quips perfectly
From being a GFRIEND member to finally going solo, Yuju is all set to start over.
The first time I heard Yuju's voice was in 2015: I was watching the K-drama The Girl Who Sees Scents, which starred Shin Se Kyung and Park Yoochun. It also featured the first OST Yuju has ever recorded, titled "
Meet Ramera Abraham, a vocal producer and recording engineer based in the UK.
We all know how it feels to sing out loud to our favorite songs and fangirl over our fave celebs. Aminin niyo, at one point in your lives, you've all *attempted* to reach those high notes, danced like there'
'It's the heartbeat of the film, I would say—the love story.'
No Time To Die is the latest addition to the James Bond franchise. It is a bittersweet farewell for lead actor Daniel Craig, who has played the titular character five times. His career as the 007 agent began 15 years ago with
Learn how you can manifest your dreams and desires through a guide to the stars.
And just like that, 2021 is almost over. Like me, chances are you've been doing a bit of self-reflection, too. Let's be real: There are times when you've stopped and asked yourself, "Where did the
'It was a difficult time to grasp a sense of stability and reassurance.'
There were times when living during this pandemic felt like an endless dream. Life was on loop, and days melded into weeks, eventually into months. And before you know it, your life has taken a course of its own.Seeing your life
Producer and director Jesus Colmenar says that the second volume is 'a very special one.'
ICYMI, the second volume of the final season of Money Heist officially dropped on Netflix today, December 3. Like us, chances are you're probably still not over *that* intense ending from the first volume! The end of the greatest heist
'Growth is a choice that comes with a hefty cost.'
From an early age, I have always been ambitious and independent. By the time I was twelve years old, my parents would encourage me to travel alone and explore different endeavors - from playing football and the piano, to honing my passion for
Gal could totally relate to The Bishop: 'She's cheeky and I'm cheeky, too!'
The world of criminal heist films has experienced such an oversaturation to the point that the unexpected has become so predictable. Cue voiceover explaining the inevitable double-cross twist (aka heistception) of stealing the plot's MacGuffin-an ancient artifact or
Get to know Selina Woo Bhang.
The first time I saw Selina Woo Bhang was when she modeled for Sandy Cheeks in 2019. I thought, "Oh, this girl looks like Jun Ji Hyun," a detail I think of fondly now because that's exactly who Selina dressed up
'Being in the same org helped us share what we both loved.'
To a lot of people, one of the best parts of college life is joining organizations whose advocacies match ours. It's a place where you get to meet some of your closest friends while you work on projects that are dear
Fun fact: It almost became Sponge Dog and Sponge Cat, LOL!
What's in a name? Now that everything is on the internet and social media, names play a *significant* role in the music industry. Do you know how your favorite artists came up with their band names? Yael Yuzon, Filipino rock
Ellen's request was to make everything 'light and breezy.'
ICYMI, Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay are now married! They tied the knot at Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas and Resort on November 11, Thursday. The bride wore gorgeous wedding gowns by designers Frankie de Leon and Marc Rancy. As for Ellen'
'I thought this was a fairy tale come true. It turned out to be a complete horror story.'
It was during the last round of very strict lockdown in August 2021 when I started using a dating app. As an NBSB, I have been very cautious when it comes to relationships. Ideally, I would like to meet *the one* organically.
It allowed me to think and reevaluate major life decisions.
Back then, every time I would think about what my life would be like when I turn 30, I'd imagine working a corporate job in the big city and having my own apartment. I didn't think that I&#
'Gaming taught us to appreciate each other for our strengths and weaknesses.'
With the pandemic forcing most couples into pseudo and unintentional LDRs for a year and a half now, finding new ways to stay connected can be a struggle. Luckily, we live in a digital world: where movie marathons on the couch have
'I couldn't see myself staying anywhere else but here.'
Whenever someone asks me to describe myself, I would usually start by saying, I'm a small-town girl who moved to the Metro to pursue my love for design. You see, that was something I couldn't really do
He even wore the *exact* Hong banjang outfit during his trip!
If we're going to describe Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha in one word, that would be healing. The heartwarming plot, the relatable characters, the feel-good OST-every time we watch an episode of this drama, the world feels right again.
'Be curious. Learn to ask questions. Don't be lazy.'
More often than not, we always end up asking ourselves what we want to do with our lives, especially in terms of career. What job do I see myself doing in the longrun? What company do I want to work for? These