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We appreciate your efforts in portraying Hong Chun Gi, Yoo Jung!
Kim Yoo Jung is no stranger to saeguk (historical) K-dramas-she has starred in a number of them back when she was still a child actress and now that's she's a sought-after female lead. For her
Isabel Padilla is currently a student at the University of Sydney.
Every time I'm stressed, one of the ways I self-soothe is by stepping away from my computer and lying down on the floor next to my dog. I spend a few minutes there, just letting all that love (and
'Riding together keeps endorphins running in our blood and it keeps our spirits high.'
There are many ways you can go on dates and ~bond~ with your significant other. For starters, you can have movie marathons, order in your favorite food, or binge-watch your favorite K-dramas. In fact, you guys can even try a
'Our connection strengthens our skill through the mix of our energies.'
Let's be real: Once in a while, we all need a little guidance. Whether it's shifting careers, dealing with relationships, or handling money, let's face it: ~Navigating through life~ isn't always easy, LOL. And
You'll love the flavors from this ~*magic shop*~!
Whether it's the internet-famous Dalgona coffee or the K-drama favorite egg drop sandwiches, we can always rely on South Korea to introduce new food trends. If you have a sweet tooth (and you're an ARMY), you&#
Her 'Love' tattoo is in Chiz Escudero's handwriting!
Tattoos are usually inked on bodies as a symbol of love for a significant other, and Heart Evangelista did it in the sweetest, most touching way.With the help of tattoo artist Annie Concepcion, she got the word "Love" in red ink
Welcome to the dark side. ;)
Let's be real: Black is hardly the first choice when someone's dreaming up their perfect bedroom. These days, people are more into pastel colors and an all-white space. But actually, black doesn't have to seem
'We're one of the main pillars in keeping the sports community connected and alive.'
If you're a fan of sports, then chances are you've experienced watching a game (or two) on live television. You'd grab your go-to snacks or drinks and cheer for your favorite athletes in the comfort
It's a limited edition collection of lychee-flavored sparkling water.
ICYDK, Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings is the first-ever film featuring an Asian superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Starring celebs like Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Meng'er Zhang, and Tony Leung, it tells
‘Workmanship coaching taught me to show up as my best self.’
Have you ever wondered whether or not you're on the right career path? I've felt that way ever since I received my diploma in Communication. As a writer, I love how my work involves introspection and a creative
Everyone, meet Dr. Lee Howoo.
Sometimes, when you're watching Korean dramas, you just can't help but wonder, "May ganyan kaya talaga ka-gwapong doctor/lawyer/police officer/CEO in real life?" If you live in South Korea, will you really see cute guys
'Shifting to the academe took a lot of adjusting.'
Shifting careers is easier said than done. It's more than just finding another job. Of course, you have to consider certain factors like your current skill set and the opportunities that are available in other fields. It can definitely be
BRB, we're busy thinking about *our* room's new look.
Another day, another pretty bedroom makeover that's making us want to redecorate our own spaces! With so many house tours popping up, especially from our favorite celebs, it can be easy to forget that you don't need to
We're loving the resort vibes!
Having spent a majority of our time at home, we have all wanted to change our personal spaces in some way or another. Some buy cute plants and decors or maybe even rearrange their furniture while others have a whole transformation in
Seollem Cafe needs to be on your future Baguio itinerary.
With everything that's been going on, it might be a while until we're able to roam the streets of South Korea again. And while there are plenty of takeout and delivery options for food that'll satisfy
Meet Avin del Rosario.
Picture this: You're about to meet a friend for a catch-up session, and you arrive in the area earlier than anticipated. There's no rush, so you allow yourself to slow down. Something catches your eye-a gorgeous
'My goal is to represent the hardworking frontliners who have sacrificed so much during the pandemic.'
The COVID-19 pandemic has been around for a while now, and one way or another, we've all experienced our own struggles. But despite the feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, there are people who have been helping us get
Know more about the passion project that was built on friendship.
Have you ever wondered what it's like to manage a business with your barkada? Content creators Rei Germar, Hazel Quing, Ry Velasco, Jammy Cruz, Migy Romulo, and Suzelle Lumbera would definitely know. Just a few months ago, they launched The
It's her first acting project in three years!
It's been three years since we last saw Heart Evangelista on a TV show. (Her last project was My Korean Jagiya which aired from 2017-2018!) If you've been seeing her Instagram stories lately, you'll know
Meet Remika Gupana.
Arguably every '90s kid knows who Captain Planet is; it was probably one of your favorite shows to watch after school. It was clever and entertaining, with a great message behind it. For Remika Gupana, it was an early sign that