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Your gymfies will be worthy of double taps.
December is already knocking on our doors and this only means one thing: PARTIES! We're all bound to attend at least five this season, and the festivities are not exactly the best thing when your waistline is concerned. What you need
Your sports bra doubles as a hubadera top, for one.
If your everyday clothes just don't spark the same level of inspiration they once did when they were brand new, it might be time to rummage through your gym bag instead. All you need is some styling know-how to repurpose
Keep them looking fresh!
Going to the gym can be a chore-and not just because of all that exercising you'll be doing. Your workout wear can get horribly smelly and caring for it in the wrong way might mean you end up damaging the
You really have no reason not to hit the pavement.
If there's one thing that really, truly motivates women to get active-aside from a super hot body, of course-it's the prospect of buying new fitness gear. Call it superficial, but it's true! Stylish clothes are a guaranteed
Nike's Spring 2015 collection is what you call workout MOTIVATION.
Here is a fact every girl who's obsessed with exercising knows: Training clothes are kind of a big deal if you want to be more inspired to work out. The right sports bra, a pair of colorful tights, a cute running
Get the most out of your fitness clothes, even when you're not working out.
New workout clothes are a great way to motivate yourself to get off your butt and into the gym, but still, it can be hard to justify dropping serious money on clothes you're only ever going to be seen in