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'I was never really confident in my own body until just recently.'
For most of my grade school and high school life, I was on the badminton varsity team. I wasn't the best player in the roster. I wasn't even the strongest hitter, highest jumper, or the most agile. If
Trust me, you'll love this.
I've long accepted that I can't do intense workouts. I just don't enjoy them. I also have no plans of "glowing up" while in quarantine but I exercise every day to keep my body healthy. It&#
'I've learned how to slow down and prioritize myself, too.'
It's been a little over two years since I started working from home on a daily basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be completely honest, transitioning to this kind of setup wasn't quick and easy. Let&#
'[It] has improved my physique, strength, endurance, and overall wellness.'
We all know how dedicated Kris Bernal is to her health, so much so that she even created #KRISMADEMEDOIT workout videos that feature some of her favorite exercise moves. Needless to say, all the work she's put into her fitness
'It gave me something to look forward to after work.'
Up until I graduated from college, my relationship with my body and fitness, in general, has always been relatively okay. I've been a taekwondo athlete since I was nine years old, but I stopped when I turned 20. Since it
It's a necessary lifestyle change.
Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS affects a lot of women, most of whom aren't even aware they have this condition because of how common the symptoms are: irregular menstruation, unexplainable weight gain, male pattern hair growth, and acne breakouts. Often,
Let these local celebs inspire you to start moving again.
Somewhere in the world, there are people who wake up before their alarms, are energized without needing two cups of coffee, and can spend an hour every day exercising before clocking in for work. I don't know those people. My
Have you been following her Instagram workouts?
Lately, I find myself looking forward to Andi Eigenmann's Instagram Stories more than yoosh because of her daily workouts. I don't know, it feels like I'm doing it with her, you know? To be clear, I
Thinking of going out for a run? Here's what you need to know.
On March 27, 2021, the government placed Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan under an Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). In an effort to lessen the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the ECQ will run from Sunday,
Coleen and Raizel talk about how they started wall-climbing (and what they love most about it).
BRB, Taking A Break is a new Cosmo series that's all about hitting the pause button on whatever's stressing you out and taking the time to rest and reflect-two things we all need to do more of
'Kahit konting achievement ipagmalaki mo!'
One of our favorite ~momshies~ Karla Estrada just shared her progress from her year-long fitness journey. On Instagram, the ABS-CBN host posted ~before and after~ pictures taken exactly one year apart: in March 2020 and March 2021. Karla encouraged her
'This will be my sexiest year.'
Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared how she lost a total of 42 pounds since she embarked on her weight loss journey in December 2020. "This will be my sexiest year," Mariel declared in what appeared to be a clip from early 2021. "I
'I've accepted that it's a slow progress but slow is better than none.'
Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is an extremely common hormonal disorder that affects an estimated one in five women-with Pauleen Luna being one of them. The 32-year-old host and actress recently revealed that she was suffering from PCOS and
These will surely help you get motivated!
Since we've been cooped up at home due to the pandemic, staying healthy has been quite challenging for many of us. If you need a little motivation to work out today, putting on your gym clothes might help! As the
Bea plays badminton three to four times a week.
Bidding the dumpster fire that was 2020 goodbye, we're all just trying to put our best foot forward this year, and Bea Alonzo is no different. Professionally, she has a three movies lined up until June, but her hustle doesn&#
Get ready to m-o-v-e, you guys.
I think we can all agree that the hardest part about working out is finding the motivation to actually start. Minsan talaga, nakakatamad. The thought of stretching, lifting weights, and feeling sore afterwards can be discouraging. But the truth is, it doesn&#
After a busy morning, a sweat sesh might just be the boost you need.
I used to be the kind of person who could only work out in the morning-like, 10 minutes after waking up and brushing my teeth. I considered it "productive" when exercise was the first thing I crossed off my to-do
An expert shares the facts.
Ever wondered if working out consistently can help you with the dimples on your legs you can't seem to budge?Yep, we're talking about cellulite. Btw, cellulite isn't "too much fat," rather, a physical trait most
Kris: 'Train smart, engage the muscles, and feel the burn.'
Constantly having to deal with people making comments about her body, Kris Bernal knows how difficult it is to navigate society's unrealistic body standards. In 2017, the actress shared, "If I reason out with them, they say that I'
'This is what works for me.'
For her first vlog in 2021, Julia Barretto shares her complete ab workout routine. The actress admits that she took a break from exercising (tbh, same) and is now trying to get back into the groove: "Dahil hindi pa ako nakakapag-work