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Goodbye, pimple marks!
You can rely on these gentle exfoliators to smoothen out the bumps on your face and fade acne scars. Bonus: They can retexturize your skin, creating a smooth canvas for your foundation and boosting your confidence to go makeup-free.Known for
Why you should, when to do it, and what to look for in an exfoliator.
Regular facial exfoliation is key to encouraging cell turnover (meaning smooth, soft skin) AND reducing clogged pores-which often lead to breakouts. However, it's a skincare topic that can cause confusion. How much exfoliation is too much? Is it good
Natural beauty is all about glowing from within. To achieve that, take care of your skin. Treat yourself to our new crop of skin care loot.
Have you ever noticed how some women-not just artistas, mind-are just so beautiful, even when they barely have any makeup on? They might have a touch of mascara on their lashes, maybe the slightest bit of blush, or a little
Beauty doesn't begin in front of your makeup mirror—it starts in the bath. Keep your skin and hair gorgeous with these bathtime essentials!
Beauty begins with your skin. Having clear, clean, gorgeous skin means not having to wear as much makeup as you normally would. Less dirt on your skin minimizes pore clogging, and that minimizes blemishes like pimples and other discolorations. That's