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Know more about Dr. Issa Cellona's teenage skincare 101 book here!
The world of skincare can be overwhelming. All the ingredients and technical terms can be too much for newbies, especially teens. Thankfully, there's now a book that answers all the skincare FAQs, and the best part is that it'
See what doctors have said about it.
Pityriasis alba is pretty much a new term for most of us. It's slowly becoming common knowledge when Dr. Aivee Teo of The Aivee Clinic shared in her vlog that Kathryn Bernardo had the said skin condition after staying under
Plus, other common skincare questions answered.
The realm of skincare is such a big world (or universe, rather, LOL)-you can't learn everything that would benefit your skin in a day. The topics and product offerings can be overwhelming, especially for those who are just getting
Exfoliation is key.
By now, you're already aware that your skin goes through many changes as you age. For one, your skin's cellular turnover slows down, which makes it prone to forming fine lines and sagging. If you're dealing
But you probably secretly love it.
If you have sensitive skin, then you probably also have an entire checklist of skincare ingredients to avoid. And most likely, fragrance is in this list-not because you don't want your products to smell good, but because your dermatologist
We talked to a dermatologist to find out!
Most of us have surely gone through holy grail products when it comes to skincare and makeup. We all have products we swear by and repurchase because it does the job and it does it well. However, every once in a while,
We've rounded up breakthrough findings from scholars and relationship pros that are sure to keep your bond strong and change the way you approach love.
At Cosmo, we sift through tons of theories and studies about relationships. While some findings are downright silly and some are interesting, a few stand out as having the power to improve your relationship in far-reaching ways. The revelations below fall