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Wave goodbye to puffiness!
Eye bags give away when you haven't had enough sleep, or are stressed, or just had too many drinks last night. There are also times they're just there, whether you're actually tired or not, because it&#
It's not because of its 'non-waterproof' formula.
We know how annoying it is to apply your favorite mascara in the morning only to see it already smudged on your lower lash line by 11 a.m. But before you toss it out and look for a "better one," take
Look fresh and awake.
It really pays to start early with your anti-aging routine. And if you're keen on investing in one nighttime skincare product, it should be an effective eye cream. The skin in the under-eye area is thin and has
Keep everything ~flawless~.
It's one thing to have a really good concealer that can hide dark circles, but it's another to master a way to prevent it from creasing. With the wrong technique, the camouflaged area will just get cakey, and
This is a contact lens removal PSA.
Like removing your makeup before going to bed or drinking water throughout the day, taking out your contact lenses should be a part of any lens-wearer's daily routine. It's a small inconvenience, but let one woman's horror story
First things first. Dark circles and eye bags are different-you can have one or the other, or, annoyingly, both. But between the two, we'd take dark circles over bags any day because ICYDK, they're a lot easier
Your questions about laser eye surgery, answered!
Cosmo Quickie: This story at a glance!***Have you ever just wanted to fall asleep right after a night out with the girls-only to realize you haven't taken out your contacts? Or placed your glasses down for JUST ONE SECOND
Beyonce failed to mention that waking up flawless often comes hand-in-hand with the odd eye booger. You know, that gunk that you wake up with that's all crusty and gross in the corner of your eye? Yup, well we
Time to get your eyes checked, stat!
One billion people around the world are at risk of going blind by 2050-that's 35 years from now. According to researchers at the Brien Holden Vision Institute in Australia, it's because of myopia, aka nearsightedness. They also found that
Look away!
We've all been spending way too much time-as in, hours and hours-staring at computer screens or those of our smartphones, and that has an effect on our eyesight (yes, that includes you, person with 20/20 vision all your
Legit and tried-and-tested!
It truly upsets us when we see dark bags and puffiness on our under-eye areas because they make us look older than our real age. But those days are finally over. Here's the proper plan of attack to banish
We have a solution, and it is easy!
Q: How do I avoid tired eyes over the holidays?"After a long night out, you'll want to first ice your eyes to bring down any swelling or puffiness," makeup artist Joanna Schlip says. "Also, keep a bottle of eye
Our guide on how to do the smoky eye for the holidays without looking like a panda.
It's time you paid more attention to enhancing, maintaining, and prettifying your peepers with these <em>kikay </em>kit essentials.