Craving a new look--without doing something drastic? Start by focusing on your eye area. Here are ways to primp your eyebrows, lashes, and lenses!
There are just some days when we're dying to reinvent ourselves. Maybe we're going through a breakup and would like to look extra fab. Maybe we're ready to play the field again and snag the next Mr. Right. Or
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We kicked off our Best of anniversary series with lists of your most read Celebs stories, your favorite Online Hunks, your most coveted celebrity bags, and your biggest celeb crushes. This time, we're bringing you the 10 most-read
Our July cover girl Lady Gaga rocks a daring face to go with her big attitude. Will you dare to try these 18 bold makeup picks?
Set your boring old browns and nudes aside, just for now. Put down that demure pinkish brown lipstick, toss aside that clear lip gloss, and shelf that standard lip-and-cheek tint. It's time to take your cues from our bold,
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