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Step up your eyeshadow game.
The smoky eye makeup is the go-to look of anyone who wants to go glam. The deep, dramatic hues and dreamy diffused colors create a very photogenic sultry look. Case in point: The Kardashians are obsessed with the smoky eye makeup,
You'll ~fall in love~ with these looks.
Do you feel that? That warm, fuzzy feeling? Yup, love is in the freaking air. Well, almost, 'cause Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And no matter what you have planned, trust me when I say you don&#
You'll love them. We promise!
Here's a revelation: Cream and stick eyeshadows don't get the attention they deserve. These hardworking products could be the ~*best*~ thing that will ever happen to your makeup routine. Don't believe us? Maybe these reasons will convince you.Working
There are different options for every budget.
If you spend all morning perfecting your winged liner only for it to smudge by the time you get to the office, opt to use one with a waterproof formula. They protect not only against sweat and tears, but also against humidity
We love the wild hues!
ICYMI, Anne Curtis and her makeup artist Robbie PiƱera have been serving up ~rainbow~ looks lately, colored eyeshadow, to be exact. We're delighted to see more celebs becoming more open to wearing bold eye makeup looks-it takes guts
It's all in the ~technique~.
Makeup artist Albert Kurniawan is known for his expertise in bringing out chinita eyes. In fact, one of his most famous clients is Heart Evangelista. See how he made Heart's peepers look larger than life!Kim Chiu also turns to
It's actually as versatile as a black or brown eyeliner!
White is one of the most underrated eyeliner colors. Most people think it can only be used for the lower waterline, but it's actually as versatile as a black or brown eyeliner. Don't believe us? Keep reading to
Pick one that will suit your budget!
Whether you use powder for baking or lightly setting your foundation, these options will leave your skin looking smooth and crease-free!Althea Petal Velvet Powder, P240, Althea.phEssence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder, P269, WatsonsBYS Matte Finish Face Powder, P569,
It's foolproof and newbie-friendly!
I confess: I'm a beauty editor, but I'm sometimes too lazy to put on full eye makeup. I guess this is true for everyone, right? I usually like to use colored liners and mascaras to fake a made-
Will it survive sweat + heat + water?
Because we live in a humid city, we're always up for beauty products that say "waterproof" on the label, especially when it comes to mascaras. We hate it when our inked lashes get smeared-it's just embarrassing!So
Draw that feline flick like a pro, even with shaky hands!
A perfect winged liner calls for steady hands and a pro makeup skill level. Well, those days are over because we found nifty tools that can help anybody, and we mean anybody, to draw a feline flick without the mess. 1. Dip
This is your shortcut to brighter-looking eyes!
When you're used to wearing just black and brown eyeliners, it can be intimidating to try other colors. But the best thing about using colored pencils is that they can brighten your eyes in just seconds! Convinced? Here, we teach you
It's super easy!
Whatever level of makeup skill you have, it's normal to get a few black clumps and blobs on your lids every time you apply mascara. And if you're worried about erasing your excellently applied eyeshadow or concealer, we teach you ~
You only need two ingredients!
Eye primers bring out the color and extend the wear of eyeshadows on your lids. They can be expensive though, with prices ranging from P600 to P1,500. Thus, we bring good news: Here's a recipe you can try when
Who says you need a lot of lid space to try these out?
If you have hooded eyes or monolids, there's no need to resort to surgery to be able to wear different eye looks. Below, our favorite easy-to-follow eye makeup tutorials for your charming peepers!Brown Smoky EyeSultry and sexy!
Anyone can do it!
We're all for beauty shortcuts or anything that will turn us from zero to 100 really quick. Halfway through 2017, a new effortless eye makeup trend emerged: upside-down eye makeup. Byrdie reports that Shay Mitchell and Olivia Munn have been
You shouldn't be afraid to experiment!
There may be times when morenas think they wouldn't be able to pull off certain colors, because these would only suit those with fairer skin tones. Well, Shay Mitchell wants you to think otherwise.The half-Filipina Hollywood actress is #blessed
All day, every day!
Makeup is all about having fun-and no one took that to heart better than 17-year old Cosmetology student Ally Kolb. Her Instagram (@allysonnkolb) is filled with fun, creative eyeshadow looks. Basically, it's a place where beauty combines with art,
Eyeliner trends for gutsy beauty girls.
Whether you use dental floss, scotch tape, or a spoon to perfect your cat eye, doing the same eyeliner look every day can get boring and might leave you in a beauty rut. But don't worry-we've got
When it comes to makeup, your face is your canvas-something one aspiring makeup artist is truly taking to the next level.After experimenting with some animal-inspired eye shadow looks, 16-year-old Stefania Atupe recently tried her hand at something