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There's a little pain involved.
There's no going back once you've popped your threading cherry. Seriously, it's a one-way ticket to better brows no matter what hairy situation you're starting with.If you're a virgin to
I sincerely didn't expect it.
When I was in seventh grade, my mom finally grew tired of my piercing shrieks that sounded each time I asked her to pluck my eyebrows and decided it was time for me to get them waxed. So off I went to
Take your pick!
Here are seven tweezers to help you pluck every pesky stray brow hair, and apply your go-to falsies. Make sure to have one in your makeup bag!1. Happy Skin Grooming Precision TweezersA classic easy-to-grip pair that is perfect
Are you guilty of any of these?
The quest to get perfect brows daily is a long process-there are threads, razors, growth serums, pencils, powders, and pomades involved. But because we're all human, sometimes we make mistakes without even knowing them! Read on to see if
"It felt like all my eyebrows would be gone."
You've gotten so used to getting your eyebrows threaded that going to a salon doesn't really faze you. But do you remember the first time you got your brows (or your upper lip) threaded? The people at BuzzFeed Video decided
Where to get your eyebrows threaded, dyed, and groomed in Metro Manila.
Having groomed and properly shaped eyebrows is one of the quickest ways to look polished. Bushy and sloppy arches can make your eyes look smaller, while a harsh, thin brow line will overshadow your fine features. It's best to leave grooming