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Especially if you spend long hours in front of a screen.
Did you know that before the pandemic, the average daily screen time per person was just over three hours? Since then, it has increased to an average of seven hours a day. It makes sense: A lot of us have shifted to
They made it super quick and easy to order!
Anyone who has worn prescriptive glasses or contacts all her life knows the struggles of being visually impaired: Constant check-ups, the need to stock up on eye care needs, and *not* being able to function at all without her specs. And
Get the look for less!
Heart Evangelista is known for exquisite fashion taste, so we always watch for the next thing she includes in her OOTD posts. Recently, we've spotted her wearing the coolest pair of glasses, and we just had to find out where
Plus, a simple hack to avoid the ~dreaded~ nose pad marks.
A struggle that girls who need eyeglasses know all too well is looking extra cute while wearing makeup. The frames cast shadows on the face and the eye makeup can't be seen very well, so why bother, right? Plus, specs
Look cute and have clear vision at the same time!
Here's the sitch: You love makeup and you're all for trying out the most ~extra and elaborate~ eyeshadow lewks! But alas, you wear eyeglasses. What's the point of eye makeup if you wear glasses, right? It&#
This can really come in handy.
So I was on YouTube a few days ago and came across something pretty interesting! Nerdwax has apparently been around for three years now-it looks like lip balm applied to the bridge of your nose and the sides of your head
They're literally eye candy.
Get ready for a visual feast 'cause you won't get to take your eyes off this list! Here, a roundup of our favorite Pinoy celebs who look even HOTTER with eyeglasses on.