I’m already thinking about my next visit to the salon!
Let's face it, there are days when putting on makeup requires more effort than usual. In my honest opinion, it takes up a good amount of your time and every so often, there are just so many products involved. That's
For lashes that will someday be *almost* like the KarJenners'.
For the sake of achieving lush, thick lashes, I am willing to try anything. Case in point: I've already gotten an eyelash perm, tried castor oil, and had my eyelids poked with needles. While I loved all of those methods,
She looks all dolled up even without makeup!
It's a mystery how Heart Evangelista manages to look perfect in every single selfie-and that's with or without makeup, mind you. To add fuel to the fire, we've noticed that her smizing game has become
Here's your guide to a Miss U glow-up from the queen herself!
If you've always wanted to learn how to do Catriona Gray's winning ~lewk~ as Miss Universe, she teaches you exactly how to recreate it in a new Vogue video.Catriona starts with micellar water then face oil serum. She prefers
Achieve gorgeous peepers 24/7!
False lashes are nice, but let's be real: It's nakakatamad to apply them every day. Good thing lash extensions serve as a semi-permanent solution! You'll get gorgeous peepers 24/7!If you're thinking
It's not as scary as it sounds.
As a waterproof mascara lover and user, I'm used to seeing a few lashes falling off here and there-I even used castor oil to help them grow back! But when I heard of Benibana's Digital Lash Rebirth,
It makes a HUGE difference.
Since most of us aren't born with thick, long, and curled eyelashes, we have to pile on the mascara and sometimes apply falsies on top. But we know all fake lashes aren't created equally-the more expensive options
The struggle to have perfectly curled lashes is real.
If you're Asian, chances are you have super straight lashes, so we're dedicating this post to you!It just makes your eyes look bigger and more awake!Accidentally pinching your lid or ripping out your lashes is never
I tried it for two weeks to find out!
Being born with thin, straight lashes, I've always wondered what I could do to make them appear longer and more fluttery. Mascaras can only do so much, and a lash perm looks good for only a few weeks. I also
Prices start at P550!
We Asians aren't exactly blessed in the lash department, but lucky for us, we can get ~*lash extensions*~ for pretty and flirty peepers 24/7. Here's where you can get them done, depending on your budget:Price: P550Location:
Take note!
When we got our lashes permed, we didn't know what to expect. The treatment was fairly new, and we had only ever heard about it from our friends and favorite beauty vloggers and bloggers.But now that we've
It's perfect for tamad AND busy girls.
In the name of having bigger looking eyes, we decided to give lash perms a try. It's a procedure that curls your eyelashes and lets them stay curled for two to three months. There are several establishments that offer this service,
Like LED lashes that react to your dance moves.
How far would you go for the perfect lashes? These days, it seems like falsies, an eyelash curler, and heaps of volumizing mascara aren't enough. Beauty junkies are scrambling to find the best makeup tools to attain unique, standout lashes. Here
No falsies involved.
It's a bummer that most Asians are born with short and straight lashes. This is why we're so dependent on mascaras, and if we're feeling ~*extra*~, falsies. Obviously, we can't use falsies every day,
How far would you go to curl your lashes?
Science has found that Asian lashes naturally grow downwards, which is why it's tougher for us to get gorgeous curled lashes all day long. We enlist the help of volumizing and curling mascaras, lash perms, and even heated lash curlers in
YouTube/BuzzFeedVideoHave you ever put on false lashes and realized how much of a difference they make on your overall look?These guys were asked by Buzzfeed to get lash extensions to prove this point, and man did they look super pretty
Some major beauty inspo right here!
Instagram/mkqua1. A nice feline flick is a surefire way to add drama to your makeup. Take a page from Liza Soberano's book and let your eyes be the focal point of your look.2. Sarah Geronimo's dainty, feminine look
Turns out, having lush lashes is a lot of work, but being able to bat them is worth it.
If you wake up with Bambi-like lashes, then more power to you. But if you're like the rest of the general population and need a little help in the lash department, these tips from Courtney Akai, owner of Courtney Akai
Terrifying AND potentially dangerous!
As a beauty-obsessed girl, I've kept a long list of beauty pegs throughout the years. My list contains including Adele and her smoky eyes, Bianca Gonzalez and her lipstick game, Janine Gutierrez and her brows, and many more. But when
Hello, lashes!
We can't help it, full lashes matter just as much as perfectly filled-in brows. So we're sharing with you a simple makeup trick that could change the way you do your eyes FOREVER.Take a fan brush-preferably a
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