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Her makeup is so cool, both literally and figuratively!
While Julia Barretto's go-to makeup look is soft and feminine, there are times when she shakes things up with a bold trend. I mean, who can forget that time she wore baby blue eyeshadow? Her peepers looked ~*ethereal*~!Now,
This is your shortcut to brighter-looking eyes!
When you're used to wearing just black and brown eyeliners, it can be intimidating to try other colors. But the best thing about using colored pencils is that they can brighten your eyes in just seconds! Convinced? Here, we teach you
Combine your love of makeup and magic!
Eyeliner can be a thing of beauty...if you manage to stop your mouth from doing that weird thing when you try to concentrate too hard and if you also perfect your cat flicks so you don't look like you've
These will definitely flaunt your pretty brown eyes!
Before you conclude that blue eyeliners would take you to '80s territory, give this edition of Beauty Wars a chance! This color makes brown eyes pop, so if you're too tamad to create a full eyeshadow look, a cobalt
Because less IS more.
Before invisible liner came into the beauty scene, there was negative space eyeliner-a look that is basically a cat eye, but isn't filled in to look as black as our souls. Can't wait to try it out