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It's so sparkly and pretty!
We love that Janella Salvador keeps on experimenting with hairstyles. The girl is never afraid to try risky looks-we even listed down our faves here! This time, her hairstylist Chris Rodil created a more glam version of the forever flattering asymmetrical
Bangs will look good on everyone, we guarantee it!
Bangs can change your look in a snap (or a snip? LOL). A fringe can look good on any face shape, and it will work with any hair texture. If you aren't convinced that this cut will work for you,
A face reading expert is here to help.
While the beauty of beauty is the freedom that comes with it, it's helpful to have a frame of reference, and the best frame is your very own face. Whether it's selecting the most complementary makeup looks or choosing the
For a makeup-free contour.
The biggest difference between your contour and your bangs is that the latter doesn't wash off. Sure, it grows, but it can frame your face even when you're not wearing an ounce of makeup. Hence, if it'
Make your features pop!
Contouring is about creating strategically placed shadows on the hairline, sides of the nose, and cheeks to create dimension. And because you're faking depth, matte creams or powders that are two shades darker than your skin tone are recommended. Shimmery
Endless haircut ideas, right this way!
A haircut can make you instantly feel better (or worse!) about yourself, so choosing the right style is crucial. After all, the head is the first thing people notice. If you want to make a seriously good first impression, say it with
Maybe this is a sign you should finally try blonde hair.
In case you haven't noticed, Lucy Hale just went from brunette to blonde (again!). She opted for honey-colored balayage highlights that blend with her dark roots. We think this style suits her face shape well.The espresso roots offset
Flaunt your best facial features with the right earring length and shape!
Like haircuts or eyebrows, there is an ideal earring style for your face shape. With the right danglers or studs, you can soften a sharp jawline, elongate round features, or flaunt your versatile oval face. Watch this video for pointers!VIDEO PRODUCED
We love it, Sel!
Selena Gomez's hair has been through a lot lately: It got bleached to a pale shade of blonde in November 2017, and then it was dyed back to a brunette hue a few weeks after. Recently, Sel went to the
Pick the most flattering one!
Microscopic sunnies are (ironically) huge right now. This '90s throwback may puzzle you to no end, and we don't blame you-after all, they're pretty hard to pull off and are too small to actually shield your
Love what you have, girl!
Chubby, bilog, siopao, mamon-y'all have been teased with these nasty names just because you were born with a round face. And instead of hating your natural facial structure and fighting it with contouring products, why not just embrace it?
Discover the most flattering way to part your hair.
With the right hair part, your features and face shape will appear more pronounced and balanced. It's that basic and important.Below, we discuss the most flattering ways to part your hair, based on your face shape.A deep side-
Tired of experimenting with different brow arches? Check out our video below to find the perfect kilay for your face shape!VIDEO: Trina Elefante. ILLUSTRATION: Jico Joson.Follow Tisha on Instagram.Follow Trina on Instagram.
Find the style that flatters your features!
Just like eyebrows and hairstyles, whether a pair of sunglasses suits you or not is primarily dependent on your face shape. Clueless when it comes to the type of frames that would complement your features? We got you-watch the video below
Celeb-approved looks to flatter your face shape!
Do you have full cheeks and a soft jawline? Congrats, you're blessed with a round face. There's a lot to love with your facial structure, like how you probably have a baby face, which makes you appear younger than you
We've got lots of options!
Summer is officially here, and we'll be needing sunglasses more than ever. And with the overwhelming range of shapes and styles to choose from, we've come to your rescue by rounding up this list of sunglasses options to help you
You have incredible sex appeal and a magnetic charm that just draws people in.
Instagram/mainedcmIn honor of Valentine's Day, Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, tells what features distinguish a heart-shaped face and exactly what that face shape says about you. (She
Rounded brows are a no-no!
1. Contouring isn't required. Most round-faced girls make the immediate assumption that dramatic contouring is the only way to add dimension to their faces. But you don't need to go to that extent to bring out your features. You
Turns out your face shape is a big talker.
Put down that contour brush.
We asked MAC Affiliate Artist Anthea Bueno to give us tips on how to enhance a round face shape. Watch the video for exclusive insider techniques she used in the August 2015 beauty editorial, "Show It Off."Want more #flawless tips from